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Afterlife Reborn FFVII:AC AU RP
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"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

~George Santayana

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~Weather and Season~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

Why weather? Because weather is almost always neglected in rp and it would be nice to see it mentioned from time to time.

Season: first month of Summer
Weather: Warm and rainy


Afterlife Reborn is an alternate universe RPG which takes place approximately 75 years after the end of AC.

Legend tells us that Gaia, fed up with the fighting, sent out tendrils of lifestream to claim the lives of those who had been respondible for the attempted destruction and the saving of Planet all those years ago. It was thought that she did this in order to preserve the world and end the battling which had continued to take place for so many years, and both friend and foe alike were wiped from the surface of Planet.

Of these souls, only one was named, a great hero of the planet, called Cloud Strife. All of the others remained nameless and faceless, only hinted at or completely ignored as legends built up more and more around this central figure.

It was thought that these souls were kept within the lifestream for some time to allow for the world to settle again before they were allowed rebirth back onto Planet's surface.

Now, almost a century after the last attack on Planet, these souls were allowed to come into the world again, all of them reborn within a short span of years, given new life and new hope.

However, there have been hints of trouble just recently as entire villages have vanished, and odd things have happened to some of these people. Many of them have had odd dreams and nightmares, acute deja vu, or a sense that there is more to themselves than what they initially thought.


1.) Don’t be an asshat!
2.) No godmodding. Period.
3.) No abuse or harassment of other players. Disagreements are fine, but we will not tolerate rudeness to other players.
4.) No l33t speak, net speak, or languages other than English. Everyone should be able to understand what is being written without needing to decipher it all.
5.) You must be active. This means posting- either journal or rp- at least once every two weeks. More often is better.
6.) All OOC comments will go in afterlife_rpooc.
7.) If you have an issue with another character, you should bring this to a MOD and not to the community.
8.) Above all, have fun!


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Available Materia
Materia and Combat Rules
Money/Conversion Information
Map of Midgar (text)


Cloud Strife:
Tifa Lockhart: locked_heaven played by kata5trophe AIM: nerdee talk
Barret Wallace:
Aerith Gainsborough: greatgospel played by sisyphean AIM: flower in midgar
Nanaki/Red XIII: therianthropy13 played by alexander AIM: the north crown
Cid Highwind:
Vincent Valentine: vfor_vindicated played by black__widow_ AIM: Virago Origin
Yuffie Kisaragi: shallow_butcute played by 0angelwing0 AIM: xdifferentbeatx or xladyturk0x
Zax Knightblade: jiki_omoide played by eidolon_lake AIM: so1dlierboy
Cait Sith/Reeve: tech_cat played by shinrabitchreno AIM: xShinraTurkx
Marlene Wallace:
Rufus Shinra: fear_darknation played by aisuyoukai AIM: goldxlll
Reno: [Unknown LJ tag] played by shinrabitchreno AIM: xShinraTurkx
Yazoo: velvet_steel played by lightbulby AIM: ToughTeddyBear
Loz: platinum_hound played by farferello AIM: PlatinumxHound
Kadaj: touch_of_silver played by dafadarian AIM: Bristle n Spurs

Jessie: action_cancel played by phrotus AIM: S for Salad
Hojo: ethical_concern played by lightbulby AIM: ToughTeddyBear

Marough - marough played by dafadarian AIM: Bristle n Spurs

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