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Yum, yum HEART-ATTACKS! - Yazoo and Loz

Scene Type: Log (incomplete)
Characters: Yazoo and Loz
Location: Some Burger Bar in Sector 3
Summary: The brothers talk and predict their untimely deaths via heartattacks at the age of 40. Maybe even 30 if they work hard enough.

Yazoo: Yazoo had his jacket and everything laid out at four o'clock and spend the remaining hour and thirty minutes replaying such classics as Doom 2 until he realized the time and loudly said, "Shit!" Pausing the game, he ripped the headphones off his head and leapt out of the computer chair and zoomed out the door. Remembering one vital thing, he backed up til he was in the room again, grabbed his jacket and made for the garage at top speed.

While the burger bar was in walking distance, the motorcycle was faster (and cooler) and it only took him ten minutes to arrive there. Parking and locking the bike toward the side, he hopped off and headed toward the front, hoping he wasn't too late (or late at all).

Loz: Sitting inside Loz had ordered the drinks already. Knowing his brothers favourite beverages often came in handy and sipping away at his own cola he was quite content to listen to the people around him chatter on as he waited for Yazoo to arrive. Having been let off work a whole five minutes early he'd arrived at the burger bar in record time and the smell of food was already making his stomach growl. Lunch at work, sandwiches or a quick noodle meal of some sort was never enough for him, and if he'd allowed himself he probably would have taken enough food to work for four people. Even when he was younger he'd been a dustbin as it were, eating everything in sight if he could and luckily for him, other than a bit of puppy fat in his younger years he'd kept off the wait, but considering how active he'd been it wasn't surprising.

Looking toward the front of the burger bar he sipped his drink through the blue straw that had come with it before blowing bubbles and when he saw a flash of blond hair he nearly choked himself on it whilst trying to call out. "Yazoo, over here!"

Yazoo: Hearing the very distinct sound of his name being choked out by his older brother, Yazoo turned his head toward him and grinned, maneuvering past a waitress and another customer, he arrived at the booth where Loz was seated and slid in the seat across from him. Grinning a bit guiltily, he asked, "Didn't keep you too long, did I?"

He noticed the other soda and quickly snagged it and took a sip. Cherry cola. There was a reason why Loz was kept around. He always remembered. "Thanks for the soda." He took another sip before starting. "So you wanted to talk about the apartment?"

Loz: "No, not long. Just a few minutes really." Straw dislodged from his throat and he was no longer squeaking or making a choking sound and he gave Yazoo a small grin. Placing his glass down he carefully pulled the straw free and sat it on the table next to him. There it would no longer be a threat to the act of breathing or talking.

"No problem," he gave a slight nod when the other spoke and pulled out one of the menu's. "Yeah, everything is on the go. I've paid the deposit and signed the contracts, well, I did after dad looked them over. He's taken care of everything else so it should be going through within the next few days and by the end of the weekend I should have the keys." It was hard to keep the excitement out of his voice, he'd been looking forward to it for so long, but he somehow managed. "So I suggest you start packing." Looking up from the menu he gave his brother a grin.

Yazoo: He sighed. That was a relief. "Heh. Perhaps I should've waited two more minutes. Wouldn't want to get a reputation of not appearing just a little bit late." Flicking at the straw he put on a mock frown. "You know better than that. Bad straw." He flicked it again to make sure it got the message.

"Wow. That was faster than expected." He figured it would take a bit longer to buy an apartment as opposed to just renting one. But hey, he wasn't complaining. "Oh don't worry, I will." He returned the grin and then leaned forward to get a closer look at the menu. "Whoa...They even sell heart attacks for when your thirty." There was no way that massive bacon cheeseburger could be good for your heart. "Sounds like a good deal."

Loz: "Funny." He rolled his eyes a little before quirking a brow as Yazoo scolded his straw. That was a new one but it amused him anyway and he shook his head a little.

"I know, I guess dad has been playing hard ball with them, not taking any bullshit. I think mom was on at him for a long time and the sooner I get a new apartment the quicker she stops whining at him." Though he didn't want to be in his father's shoes when it came out that Yazoo was moving out. Loz had packed up most of his things, struggling against the boxes in the middle of the night when he needed the bathroom was never a lot of fun and he'd learnt quickly to turn the light on whenever he had to get up as the stubbed toes really wasn't worth it. Looking through the menu he scanned the lists, pulling a slight face before deciding on the cheeseburger with egg and bacon on it.

Yazoo: "I'm always funny." He stuck his tongue out at Loz before returning his attention to the menu. Making a thoughtful sound to himself he decided that the thirtieth-birthday heart attack looked good and chose that.

Sitting back down in his seat, he rolled his eyes. "Mom'll probably turn that whining on me when I move out." He was twenty. He was supposed to have moved out long ago anyway. "I'm sticking with saying good-bye on my way out. And turning my cell-phone off and leaving it that way for a few days." That way all whining would be kept to an absolute minimum.

Loz: "Sure, don't give up your day job though." He snorted a little and stuck his tongue out in return and then scowled a little.

"More likely on me." Which is why he wasn't planning on going home for a week... no a month... Perhaps two to be on the safe side, so she would have had plenty of time to calm down and not tug on his ear and yell. "I think that's a good idea." He'd do the cell phone trick himself except for the fact he needed it for work and getting a brand new phone just to get away from the ranting probably wasn't worth it. Waiting for the waitress to show up, he tapped his fingers on the table. "I bumped into your... friend Hojo at the weekend." Catching the waitresses eye she gave him a response that he thought meant she'd be right over after she was finished elsewhere and he looked back to Yazoo.

Yazoo: "Actually I already did." Pity he had to quit the at the radio station but he wasn't really doing anything and he was going to be busy with school. Especially now that he was taking the 'hard' classes.

"Of course it's a good idea, I came up with it." Surely Loz should've realized that by now. He went to take another sip from his soda and nearly choked at Loz's next statement. After coughing the drink everywhere, he stared at Loz and gave him a blank look. When he recovered enough, he reached over to the napkins and started to wipe everything up. "So uh...Did he grow any horns and try to get you to sell Smudge's first-born to 'science'?" It seemed perfectly plausible to him.

Loz: "You know what I mean." He rolled his eyes a little and stopped the tapping of his fingers before it got annoying and he had the other patrons trying to throw forks at him... or something.

"Right... You're full of it tonight aren't you?" He grinned a little when the other started choking and thought it was sweet revenge. "No he didn't actually... he made a snarky comment and we ate dinner together." Teasing was fun and Loz wasn't going to explain anytime soon why they ate dinner together. He wanted to see if Yazoo could spit his drink further and tried to keep his expression blank although a grin was threatening the corners of his mouth.

Yazoo: If Yazoo still had the straw in his mouth the rest of the soda would be doomed to an eternity on the floor. At least until someone cleaned it up anyway. "You ate dinner together?" The image of Hojo and his-his brother eating at a fancy candle-light dinner and-and-Oh god. He covered his face with a hand and shuddered. That was just-just wrong on so many levels he couldn't comprehend. "Oh god, Loz."

Loz: Loz hadn't expected that exact reaction but it was amusing as hell nevertheless. "Yes we did, it was quite pleasant." Biting his lip hard so he wouldn't give the game away to early, Loz sat back in his chair. "We discussed several things, it was nice, considering." And when his brother covered his face with a hand Loz almost lost it and he had to cough a little, covering that as he picked up his glass and took a sip. "Something wrong?"

Yazoo: Yazoo had to take a deep breath and-and then he decided he needed a few more before talking. "Please tell me you did not. You. did. not." He spread his fingers out enough to look though them and glare at his traitorous brother. "You did not...Did you?" He lowered his hand and gave Loz his most serious-almost-pissed-but-not-quite look. "He's Hojo and" He couldn't bear to finish that thought and he shook his head.

The waitress came back and he immediately grinned and leaned back to order. When she left again, he immediately returned to glaring at Loz. "...Well?"

Loz: "Didn't what?" He asked in the most innocent and sincere tone he possibly could. He'd become an expert at it over the years 'No mother I'm not drunk.' 'No father, drugs, me?' but facing Yazoo's angry face and pissy tone was nothing compared to his parents and he thought he might start giggling. Just when he thought he might crack up the waitress came and saved him and after giving her his order he tried to calm himself.

And failed. Miserably.

"I can't believe..." First it was a slight giggle, then a snicker, and then a full, roaring laugh, including table thumping and laughter tears and when he finally got over it his sides hurt and he couldn't help the odd giggle. "We... We sat together because..." He started giggling again and looking at Yazoo's face made it worse. "Because there was no other table at the restaurant, oh your face!" And then he started laughing again. "Me... and h-him..." And he grew louder.

Yazoo: There wasn't much Yazoo could do but watch Loz start to bust out laughing and thumped the poor innocent table. Repeatedly. For a moment he was afraid his brother would kill it. Though the laughing he was only able to get a few things, but it was enough to know that Loz didn't...Thank god.

Though the 'oh your face!' comment was just...Unexpected.

"So you didn't date Hojo?" It was best to keep safe. Just in case.

Loz: "No, I d-didn't..." He giggled again before the other patrons were starting to look at him funny and Loz tried to stop the giggles though every time he looked back at Yazoo they threatened to start over. "We just ate at the same table." He bit his lip and took several calming breaths before he decided it was safe to talk again. "I would never date someone like him." He looked a little put out now he thought it over that Yazoo would think he'd go out with someone like that.

"That was funny though."

Yazoo: "Funny...Haha." Yazoo thought it was hilarious. The funniest thing in the world.

But at least Loz wasn't dating his second worst enemy.

Now it was time for a change of topic. "So you wanted me to burn that music for you?" He tilted his head a bit to the side. "I'll warn you though. Some of it's kind of depressing." It was still good, depressing...but good. Though a lot of it made him think...He shook his head a little and pulled his drink closer to himself and took a nice long sip out of it.

Loz: "Very haha." Yazoo just didn't have a sense of humour as far as Loz was concerned.

Still, at least he hadn't had a heart attack from the surprise, even if said surprise wasn't as bad as it first seemed.

"I did, it's about time I got more music." His most recent thing had been brought several months prior and even then he hadn't listened to it a lot. "I don't mind if it's a bit depressing... even if you try and poke at the song as if it had a hidden meaning." He eyed his brother, not forgetting the lyrics of the first song the other had posted in his journal.

Yazoo: "I've been downloading a lot Techno recently...Oddly enough some of it's actually good." Go figure. "Some of it's dance, some of it's...itself." Some of it really was...itself and nothing else. "Hm?" He looked back at Loz and raised a brow. "You're making it sound like I was doing something wrong." He probably did, especially with the first set of lyrics he chose. But he thought they meant something. Something important.

Finally the waitress arrived with their meals and he smiled at her and thanked her. If he was in a daring mood he would've asked for her number, just to see the look on Loz's face. Actually, he probably would, just to see that look.

Then again, Loz might not find it surprising at all. Ah well. Maybe later.

Loz: "Techno?" He'd heard something before that was said to be techno and... it really wasn't his thing. "I guess I'm an old stickler for my rock." And that was about it. He liked music with a lot of guitar in it. "...You were." He didn't like being reminded of his past in such an offhand way even if Yazoo likely didn't mean it in such a way. It was still annoying though and he didn't like the memories it stirred in him and he decided to change the subject. "So, you think we should have a house warming party once we're all moved in?" Well, apartment party but it had the same meaning behind it.

"Thanks," he gave the waitress a brief smile before reaching out for the ketchup and completely missed the look she gave him. Oblivious as usual he splurted ketchup in his burger bun and over his fries and then started eating. "Mhmmmm." Even if it was a heart-attack at thirty.

Yazoo: "Old geezer..." He grabbed a fry and started to nibble at it. He didn't mean to upset Loz but...The song was just so...He made him feel terrible, didn't he? That much was obvious. Idiot. He took another fry and shoved it into his mouth. At least now he'd know better, wouldn't he? He'd better.

Swallowing, he decided to give the number thing and turned back to the waitress, just in time to see her looking at Loz like he had a tag on him with big bold letters saying, 'God's gift to women.' On second thought, the fries were too good to even think of talking while they were on his plate. In fact they were good enough to grab a handful and shove them all into his mouth and chew them while giving the wall a dirty look.

Yup. Good fries.

Loz: "I am not." He made an irritated sound and bitterly bit a chunk out of burger as if it would get back at Yazoo for calling him names. Eating more slowly this time so not to choke, even if the artery clogging burger did deserve being bitten so fiercely, he tried to think of what else they could talk about.

"So..." Anything else was cut off as he witnessed Yazoo shovel a handful of fries into his mouth and... was he glaring at the wall? "Everything alright?" He asked on a pause before dipping another fry in his chip and munching. Maybe he'd pissed the other off by bringing the songs up? He wasn't really that angry over the lyric thing, it wasn't like they gave away his secret and it wasn't like Yazoo was shouting it to the world. Swallowing his mouthful he then picked up his fork finally.

"You'll have to burn me a mix of songs so that I can... Er... Explore new boundaries and... Stuff."

Yazoo: When the yummy, delicious fries were properly punished for their crime of being oh so good, he swallowed them so they could be finished off. That's what happens to good fries. They get digested.

Turning back to Loz, he grinned and gave him a thumbs up. "Peachy keen!" Then he shifted his attention back down to his untouched burger and he picked it up to take a nice large bite out of it. He muffled something about excellent heart attacks, but he doubted Loz would be able to make it out.

Swallowing again, he nodded. "I have some Wutain rock as well. And symphonic metal. They have a lot of guitars in it. You'd like it."

Loz: "Peachy keen?" What kind of an answer was that? Well that's obvious. It's a Yazoo answer. He wasn't going to ask further though, it would just give him a headache and the other seemed back to normal when he started muttering about heart attacks. Loz didn't listen though as he took a bite out of his burger and made light work of that and the rest of his fries until eventually those were gone.

"It sound interesting, you'll have to hook me up then." Though he was sure when they were living in the same apartment he could just borrow the CD's but he doubted his brother would let him take one to work for danger of breakages or grease.

Three more bites and his burger was gone, leaving just a scatter of fries on his plate. "Damn that was good."

Yazoo: "Peachy keen." He nodded and took another large bite out of his burger. It didn't take long with eating like that for the burger to disappear. Whatever was left of the fries was quick work for him and his stomach of steel.

"Not a problem. You're always free to borrow them, as long you don't borrow anything I paid for." He looked around the diner and when he was sure that none of the waitresses were internet cops in disguise, he turned back to Loz and grinned. "So what else is new?"

Loz: "Right..." An odd remark but not exactly that unusual enough to set alarm bells ringing or anything of the sort and leaving the few fries on his plate to the fate of the garbage can he washed it all down with the rest of his cola.

"I won't... I know how protective you are of them." Rubbing at his nose he swallowed back a burp and instead hiccupped. "Nothing much. Smudge is free to go outside now she's had her latest shot... I got her a new collar now she's grown a bit." He didn't really have any interesting news to tell. "You?"

Yazoo: "Good. I would be forced to kill you if anything happened to those CDs." He liked those CDs very much thank you. "Smudge is all grown up and ready to take on the world herself? I am impressed, Loz. You make such a great dad." He smiled and leaned forward to pat him on the shoulder before sitting back down.

"Me? I'm doing okay. Just waiting for school to start up again and downloading music in the meantime." He really needed a hobby. "We should go out and just have some fun some time. What do you say?"

[To be completed in comments]
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