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Kadaj and Vincent talk

Scene Type: Log
Characters: Kadaj and Vincent
Location: 1666 Virgo Lane, sector three, upper plate
Summary: Kadaj and Vincent talk about when he had a bit much to drink, Kadaj finds out a bit of what he said that he couldn't remember in the morning, and then they have lunch. Backdated to Sunday. Some mild making out.

Kadaj: Well, Vincent wanted to talk to him, and that was a good sign at least. Hopefully he hadn’t messed things up too badly with his little stint into the liquor cabinet, though he was still convinced that Vincent was mad at him despite his protests otherwise. With his hands stuffed into his pockets, Kadaj made his way down the stairs and had a quick look through the house, but not finding the other teen anywhere, finally went out to the backyard.

He couldn’t recall much of anything of the night he got drunk aside from once falling asleep on the stairs, and then waking and making it to his room to collapse on the floor. Somehow he’d ended up in bed by morning, but how he managed that was completely beyond him. He figured either Vincent or Loz had put him there, but it was disconcerting not to remember.

Walking across the back porch, he stopped by one of the small gates and just stood there watching his boyfriend playing with a soccer ball. He almost didn’t want to say anything, but he knew they had to talk about it regardless. “Hey, Vince.”

Vincent: Letting the ball bounce off the curve of his cleats, Vincent ran this way and that and had been doing so for the last couple hours. The new soccer season would be starting soon and practice began before the school year did; he was sorely out of shape, but that was just due to the overwhelming urge to be absolutely lazy.

He glanced up when the other teenager stepped outside, a grin breaking on his features as he immediately stepped up to Kadaj; Soccer ball rolling along in front of him before he stopped it with his shoe and leaned up to give his boyfriend a light kiss.

"Hey 'Daj." Grinning widely, Vincent lingered before him and then reached around the elder teen to grab the water bottle resting on the banister of the back porch. It was still cold despite being out in the sun for the last hour and after taking a liberal drink, Vincent let a bit of it run down his spine to cool him off.

Kadaj: Hands still in his pockets, Kadaj leaned forward a little to return the light kiss, then took a moment to glance down at Vincent, noticing he’d forgone a shirt- after so much protest at the beach, which had ended in a mild pillow fight and then running across the sands, he had to grin a little. The grin slipped away though as he remembered why he’d come out here, and he just watched silently while Vincent got a drink and then soaked himself with the water.

“Hey, about the other night... I figured we should talk.” And now, getting down to business, he rubbed the toe of his boot against the tiled patio flooring and let his gaze drift away. “I don’t even remember much of it. I remember getting the drinks and then trying to go upstairs. I fell asleep on the floor and that’s the last thing I can remember, I don’t know if I did or said anything or even how I got into bed.” He felt a light flush rise up on his cheeks, and he turns to go site on one of the patio chairs, putting his feet into the seat and leaning his chin on his knees.

Vincent: Listening to Kadaj, Vincent followed after him and sat down in the chair beside the other teen. The soccer ball forgotten and the bottled water held to his lips to drink at random before he set that aside as well and turned to face the elder a bit more.

"I shouldn't have gotten upset over it. I don't care if you want to drink and have fun, and I guess that's not what bothered me its just..." Pausing, Vincent ran his hand against the back of his neck and leaned back slightly within the chair. "There are reasons I don't like alcohol...the main one has alot to do with that other family I had to go live with."

Studying his fingernails, the younger of the two pulled the braided hair out from behind him and started fidgeting with that as well. Anything to keep himself occupied.

"You wanted to do things with me and had I not told you no then we would have...and you wouldn't have remembered." And he wasn't sure about the rest of the planet, but if he was going to devirginize himself and his boyfriend in the process, he wanted both parties involved to have a clear memory of it.

Kadaj: Nodding his head slightly, he stole little glances over toward Vincent now and then. He didn’t know what had happened with the other family or why Vincent would associate alcohol with them, but it must not have been good since Vincent had gotten upset. “So, what did they do when they drank, then?” He hoped he wouldn’t- or hadn’t- done anything like however the other family had treated Vincent, but he wouldn’t know unless he asked.

“I... what?” Looking up fully and over to Vincent, he frowned deeply and then shook his head. That flush was returning now, getting worse, and he raised both his hands and put them over his face to try to hide it, pressing the heels of his palms against his eyes. “I... what did I do?” He could guess, just from what Vincent said, but he wanted to be sure so he’d know whether or not the mortification he was feeling was justified. “What the hell? Tell me I didn’t.” Dropping his feet out of the chair and to the porch, he leaned forward and put his elbow on his knees, covering his face with his hands, still.

Vincent: Shrugging Vincent leaned forward and let his elbows rest on his knees, his gaze studying the wooden planks of the porch before he glanced over at Kadaj. "You remember how I told you that they used to keep me in the closet, 'Daj? When they drank they'd forget me there, days at a time even. I don't know. It was stupid to get upset cause I know you'd never do that."

Out of his own chair at Kadaj's obvious distress, Vincent manoeuvred himself behind his boyfriend and sat with a leg on either side of him; his arms wrapped around the elders waist and his cheek resting along the curve of his spine. "Hey, it's ok. I was looking out for you, don't worry. I understand the attraction towards me must have been overwhelming, what with my pretty brown eyes and awesome abs of awesomeness."

Placing a soft kiss on Kadaj's back, Vincent gave him a bit of a squeeze and held him close despite his own sweaty half nakedness that was a common side effect of soccer practice in the back yard.

Kadaj: Rubbing his hands over his face, he nodded slightly. He’d heard a bit here and there about how the other family had treated him, but there had never been any real details of the situation, and he hadn’t wanted to push for more information. He always figured Vincent would talk about it in his own time, which proved true more often than not. “Yeah, I remember. It’s not stupid, you can’t help worry sometimes.”

Glancing up slightly when Vincent moved, he stayed where he was when he felt the younger teen sit behind him and slip arms around him. If it was intended to be comforting, it was working, though he still felt upset about the situation, unsure of what else he could say about it. Obviously, he’d done, or tried to do, things while drunk that he couldn’t probably make a decision on, and he couldn’t even remember what it was. What if it hadn’t been Vincent, what if it had been someone else? What if it had been someone that would have let him do whatever he was asking? And he wouldn’t have known, and all of the various methods of getting into trouble, all of the possibilities... he didn’t even want to think about.

One of his arms dropped down to lightly rest on top of Vincent’s, but he kept his other hand over his face, rubbing lightly at his eyes. “It shouldn’t have happened though. Anything could have happened, it could have been someone else, someone who wouldn’t say no, and who knows what would have happened.” With a sigh, he sat up slightly and leaned a little into the contact. “I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. I don’t even know why I did it then, anyway.”

Vincent: Wrapping his fingers around the arm that rested atop his cast, Vincent pressed his lips against the back of Kadaj's neck and smiled into the contact. After the initial upsetness of realizing that his best friend and boyfriend had been drinking to the point of memory loss had passed, it was actually somewhat amusing the sort of things that he had been doing. Even if Kadaj, himself, didn't remember.

"'Daj, you were drinking at home with Loz and Yazoo, and I was there too. We weren't gonna let anything happen to you, and even if you weren't at home I am fairly positive I would have been with you anyway." Another squeeze and Vincent let a soft contented sigh slip from his lips. "No one is saying you shouldn't ever drink again, but drinking for fun and drinking until you can't drink anymore are two different things. I read this book once where this girl...ah, nevermind its boring."

"The important thing is that nothing bad happened, and you had fun at the time, so...no use continuing to be upset over it right?"

Kadaj: Sighing softly, Kadaj leaned back until he had Vincent more or less pinned between his back at the chair, and slid down a little so the back of his head was resting against Vincent’s chest. “I know all of you were here, and you wouldn’t let anything happen to me, I just feel stupid even letting it get to that point. I’m surprised mom and dad don’t know about it, but maybe I just got lucky?” He wasn’t convinced luck had anything to do with it, but he’d find out sooner or later, probably.

“I’ve still got four years before I can legally drink anyway. Should probably just not have any more until then. I just don’t want to do anything else stupid, or turn into one of those people who can’t control themselves. It could have been worse, and I wouldn’t even know, you know?” The fingers of the arm resting over Vincent’s own shifted up until they found some bare skin to lightly caress, just above the end of his cast, and he rubbed his fingers lightly across Vincent’s arm. “I don’t want to hurt anyone, too. Especially not you.”

Vincent: There were worse things to be pinned between but considering that one was Kadaj, it was acceptable for the time being. A slight shifting to gain comfort and Vincent let his head fall back against the chair and his eyes fluttered closed. Holding his casted arm across Kadaj's midsection, Vincent let his other hand slip down to rest on the blonds stomach and he shifted his fingers lightly against the fabric of his boyfriend’s shirt in absentminded contemplation.

"There are other ways to have fun, I am sure we can think of something that doesn't involve alcohol. Loz is gonna give you more of a lecture than mams or dad will, though they might ground you. Hey you can't be grounded when soccer starts up again, I want you to come to my matches."

At the proclamation of not wanting to cause harm, Vincent merely gave a bit of a shrug and squeezed Kadaj's torso. He wasn't afraid of being hurt if it meant in the mean time he could be happy with the blond as his boyfriend. Kinda made it all worth while. "Hurt is kinda inevitable in life, it’s what you do before and after that matters."

Kadaj: Relaxing a little, finding some reassurance in the way Vincent rubbed his fingers against his belly, he let his eyes close. “Yeah, there’s better ways to have fun than that. I bet Loz will lecture me, I’m just waiting for him to come find me. I dunno about mom and dad, maybe they won’t find out. I’ll probably be able to see your soccer games anyway, Vince, so don’t worry about that.” He’d make sure he could be at the soccer matches even if it meant sneaking out of the house- and he had experience doing that, didn’t he?

“I know, I just don’t want to do it on purpose. Hey, Vince, what all did I say anyway? I mean, if I tried doing things with you, what did I say? I’m just curious, I want to know how much of a prat I really was. I know it doesn’t really matter since nothing happened, I just want to know. I’m not like that usually, but I want to know how exactly I act while drunk.” Besides, it was all the more reason not to do it again, wasn’t it? If what he said was as embarrassing as he thought it would be, that was enough incentive never to drink again.

Vincent: Shrugging slightly, Vincent continued to brush the pads of his fingers across the blonds stomach, circling around his navel through the fabric of his shirt and absentmindedly toying with the hem of the cloth. "I don't know, I was really tired. You kept wanting to have sex, I objected because you were drunk but promised to make out with you later. You seemed content with that and eventually stopped asking. Nothing embarrassing really, at least not to me, but I know an awful lot about you already so it would have to be pretty extreme to shock me."

Placing a kiss on the top of Kadaj's head, Vincent nuzzled into the blond strands and let his lips linger for a long moment of silence. "You told Loz that we were dating, though, from what I've seen...and I think Yazoo knows now too."

Kadaj: He was glad he was facing away from Vincent when he was told exactly what he’d been doing so the red tinge to his cheeks wasn’t obvious. It was as he’d expected, though at least Vincent didn’t seem to really mind. Still, it was something he didn’t talk about while sober, and there he was propositioning his brand new boyfriend for sex and how wrong was that? He found it odd that it wasn’t the prospect of sex, but of asking for it when he was too drunk to remember that made him uncomfortable. Then another thought suddenly hit him, and before he could stop himself, he was asking it. “So you said no because I was drunk, and not for some other reason?” He wasn’t sure he quite wanted that answer, but it was out there now. Maybe Vincent wouldn’t reply to it.

“Oh yay, grand. I can’t believe I did that. I didn’t mean to, and I know Loz will probably mention it to me so he can make fun of me. I’m just glad there no permanent damage and I didn’t really fuck things up. I’ve just been worrying about this. I told you before I asked you out that I was worried about messing things up, so a good start to that, huh?” Despite the reassurances, he couldn’t help feeling he’d made a big mistake. The fact that Vincent was still sitting with him did help him feel a bit better, though, and he knew Vincent would argue with him about whether or not he was messing up their relationship when it had only just started.

Sitting up slightly and turning a little so he could rest his left elbow on the armrest of the chair, he looked over at his boyfriend sitting behind him. He studied Vincent’s face for a long time, following the curve of his jaw and chin with his eyes, then looked up slowly, over his lips and nose, finally resting at his eyes. He liked Vincent’s eyes, always had found the reddish-brown hue of the other’s irises pretty even if most people found brown eyes dull. After a moment of just gazing, he finally leaned in to place a light kiss on Vincent’s lips.

Vincent: "I said no cause it was the right thing to do, 'Daj." It sounded, for a brief moment, as if Kadaj was fishing for some form of information. Almost like he wanted Vincent to say that he wanted to have sex with him just not because he was drunk, which he wasn't going to say was a total untruth but neither of them were really ready yet. Right? Honestly it wasn't something that occupied the majority of his thoughts even though they joked about it and made lewd suggestions through their journals. That was all in fun, they were teenagers after all.

He smiled softly when Kadaj turned to look at him, and Vincent watched the elders gaze shifting across his features until their eyes seemingly locked together. Did the planet exist around them any longer? It didn't seem like it. The kiss fluttered his stomach, and his hand came up away from his boyfriends belly to cup lightly at the side of his face with a tentative flick of his tongue against Kadaj's lips.

Kadaj: Nodding slowly, he wondered for a moment if there if there was more, but he didn’t want to push it. Not like his thoughts should be moving in that direction right now anyway, he had other things to do and work through before worrying about any of that stuff. Right? He leaned slightly onto his left arm, sighing softly when Vincent touched his face, the tongue touching his lips making him jump slightly. Making out on the back patio where anyone could see was probably not the best idea, though, and he glanced over to the pool with a bit of a disappointed look on his face. “I wish you could go swimming with me.”

Looking back at Vincent again, Kadaj let his right hand trail along the other’s face, over his jaw, and then lightly down his throat, the tips of his fingers following the swell of a clavicle, and finally down, onto his chest. He felt the toned muscles beneath the skin- muscles which he hadn’t ever noticed until they’d gone to the beach- then eventually set his hand aside onto the arm rest. “We should probably be careful, mom and dad might get upset if they find out. I mean, I don’t want to lie or anything, but I don’t know how they’d react, considering you’re like a son to them.” Leaning forward, he kissed Vincent again, pressing his lips more into the contact and lingering a moment before pulling back again to gaze at his boyfriend.

Vincent: Letting his gaze drift over to the pool Vincent let a soft sigh slip from his lips before his eyes dropped down to the cast at his arm and he found himself wrapping it around his stomach almost self conscious of the broken wrist and the reason why it was caused. Now wasn't the time to be thinking of such things, nor was there any real good time. It was in the past, no point in dwelling on something that couldn't be changed.

His back arched almost of its own will to meet the soft curious touches of the blond, his even breathing taking a slight skip in its rhythm and Vincent found himself biting down on his bottom lip subconsciously. That hand, those fingers, they felt so warm despite the sunburn that was shifting to a tan on the whole of his torso from their trip to the beach. He would have thought the touches to be colder than they were, but in the wake of where Kadaj felt the need to explore there was nothing but a lingering heat.

His worry was silenced by the kiss, a quiet and hushed moan slipping from his throat as he leaned up into it and flicking out his tongue to taste at Kadaj's lips as it broke. "We could go to our room..."

Kadaj: His ears caught the little moan, and a vague flush rose up on his cheeks momentarily before vanishing again. With a quick glance toward the house, Kadaj pondered for a moment, trying to remember if his parents were home, and if so, where they would most likely be. After several moments, he concluded that he hadn’t seen them yet that day, and maybe they were out, or maybe they were in the living room where he hadn’t gone. The only way they would notice was if they went into the study which had the door leading to the backyard, but the blinds there were closed.

With a slight shrug, he leaned forward again and placed another kiss on Vincent’s lips, his tongue slipping out to tentatively brush against Vincent’s mouth, flicking across his lips, before gently pressing between them. He didn’t know why he was being so bold all of a sudden, but it was feeling much warmer out here in the sun than he remembered it being when he first came out. Briefly, he wondered why he’d come out here, then he recalled again how he’d been worried Vincent was mad at him. Such a silly thing to worry about, wasn’t that? Finally withdrawing again, Kadaj watched Vincent half-lidded. “That a good idea?”

Vincent: Vincent watched Kadaj look around for a long moment, finding his own gaze shifting out across the back yard as he relaxed back in the chair with the blond between his thighs. He was comfortable there, the proximity welcome and the warmth of the sun only seeming to assist in keeping the slight flush on his cheeks.

It was the kiss that had him tensing slightly, but not for any negative reason, his breathing increasing significantly as he parted his lips and sucked lightly onto Kadaj's tongue when it was offered to him. All of his self control went into not moaning, but he failed miserably upon hearing his own voice and flushed an even deeper shade of red. There were other reasons as well as to why he blushed so horribly, but he was doing well to keep a certain few apparent reactions to the kissing hidden. Despite Kadaj still sitting between his legs. "Yes, why wouldn't it be?"

Kadaj: He was starting to get a slight crick in his back from being turned in the chair the way he was, the position he was sitting in not too terribly comfortable at the moment. Chancing another moment, Kadaj leaned forward and pressed his lips against Vincent’s throat, kissing then licking his tongue against the skin before following it up with his teeth. That done, he trailed his lips over toward Vincent’s mouth again and stole another kiss, trying again to press his tongue between his boyfriend‘s lips, his right hand lifting up to caress over Vincent’s face again, fingertips trailing from temple to just beneath his chin.

Shifting a little where he sat, trying to get more comfortable but failing in that regard, he began to turn himself in the chair, facing more toward Vincent, but in the process he brushed up against the younger male and he paused, blinking for a moment, then broke the kiss, moving back a little. He worked his jaw for several seconds, contemplating, then finally said, "Because if we go to our room right now, we might end up doing something we're not ready for?" If he was right in what he thought- and could he be wrong? not like he was going to say anything about it or ask- then maybe a little break was in order. His hand was removed from Vincent’s face and he pinched the front of his shirt, giving it a sharp shake to get a little breeze underneath it to try to cool his overly warm flesh. “Eh, Vince, I think.... Should we get some lunch?”

Vincent: In the midst of sucking lightly on Kadaj's tongue, Vincent found himself shifting back away and breaking the kiss in the process. Contact too close to keep anything a secret any longer and he was sure Kadaj knew just what it was he was attempting to conceal. A flush on his cheeks and a faint nod of his head and Vincent was manoeuvring off of the chair, bending a leg up and pulling himself to his feet beside it in silent agreement.

Lunch sounded like a damned good idea, especially if there was no food and took place in a shower with ice cold water; exceedingly so if he was in there by himself.

Reaching down, Vincent grasped onto Kadaj's hand and tugged him upward to pull him back into the house; keeping his grip as he intertwined his fingers with the blond's. "You wanna go to the park later, or just hang out here due to the heat? oh! Didn't you get some new games?"

Kadaj: Kadaj watched Vincent move once he’d made his point clear, and stood when Vincent pulled him up off the chair. Following after Vincent as the younger teen started dragging him toward the house, Kadaj made sure not to trip over his own two feet, and once inside, he turned the tables, grabbing Vincent’s wrist and pulling him the rest of the way to the kitchen. He made quick work of sifting through the cabinets and the fridge until he came up with he supplies needed to make two big sandwiches, each with two types of meat and a couple slices of cheese, mayonnaise, and a vegetable or two. Though he suddenly couldn’t recall if Vincent liked lettuce on his sandwich, and gave the other teen a bit of a shrug before rummaging for two plates, as well.

“Hmm, dunno about the park. Seems too hot to mess around out there right now. And, games!” Pulling two plates from the cupboard, he put a sandwich onto each, then went to the pantry and pulled out a bag of salted chips and one of cheesy flavoured chips and went back to the counter, nodding at Vincent to find out which he wanted. “It was a couple of puzzle horror RPG things. Supposed to be spooky, but I don’t know, it was just something new to play when I get bored. I haven’t tried them yet, though.”

Vincent: Stepping over to and subsequently jumping up to sit on one of the counters, Vincent let his legs swing slightly as he watched Kadaj prepare their lunch and shifted over only slightly when he found himself in the way for a moment. The air conditioner did wonders for his heated skin, sunburn and other such uncomfortable attributes of his physical state; enough to the point that he closed his eyes for a moment and leaned back against the cabinet in utter relaxation.

"We could play them later if you want, not much else to do inside." Sliding off the counter after a moment, Vincent leaned over to grab one of the plates and a bag of the chips; leaning against Kadaj and licking at his ear before placing a kiss on his neck. A quiet utterance of 'thanks' before he turned on his heel and headed for the living room to consume the prepared meal. Kind of a meal. Sandwich. Who was counting, really?

Kadaj: Once he finished making the sandwiches, Kadaj put everything away again, then grabbed two cans of soda from the fridge before returning to the counter. “You know mom and dad will yell at you for sitting on there in dirty clothes.” Glancing up to grin a little, Kadaj gave his hands a quick wash in the sink, then went to pick up his lunch. Vincent was down again, and he had to pause for a moment, cheeks flushing and a little shiver running down his spine at the lick to his ear and kiss to his neck. “Welcome....” Slapped a hand to his ear, he rubbed it, trying to get the flush to leave it as quickly as possible, then juggled the two sodas, the chips, and his plate into his hands to follow after Vincent.

Entering the living room, he found it deserted- where the hell were his parents always going off to, anyway?- and seated himself at the couch, putting all his food stuffs onto the coffee table. Sliding one of the sodas over for Vincent, he grabbed the remote and flicked on the TV, skipping through several channels to find something to watch. “What do you want? Cartoons, old movies, pay-per-view?”

Vincent: Sitting on the floor beside where Kadaj sat on the couch, Vincent tried to keep as much of his dirtied and sweaty self off the furniture for the very reason stated before. Mams would not be pleased if he ruined her couch with grass stains and mud. After a bite of the sandwich and an appreciative nod of his head at the excellency that was Kadaj's skills at cooking, Vincent glanced over at him and then the television. The urge to suggest porn was a bit to strong, but easily suppressed with a cock of his brow and a shrug of his shoulders.

"I don't mind, whatever." Honestly he wasn't paying that much attention to the television, leaning slightly against the blond's legs and ravaging the sandwich so generously made for him. Damn, Kadaj was good at making sandwiches. An afternoon of soccer and then an evening spending time with his best friend slash boyfriend; what could be better?
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