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Kadaj and Reeve!

Scene Type: Closed
Characters: Kadaj and Reeve
Location: Lowell Park, sector 3, upper plate
Summary: He's a bit... irate. Moody teenager >_> More summary if anyone joins.

Logging off the computer with an aggravated snort, Kadaj turned away from the machine and strode over to his closet, digging inside for his leather jacket when he threw on haphazardly. Moments later, he dug the long sword from beneath his bed and slung it over his shoulder, adjusting it so it was comfortable, then grabbed his keys and made his way from his bedroom. Mumbling various swear words beneath his breath, he stomped down the stairs and swung toward the left, gripping onto the newel post to aid him and went over to the garage door. Once inside, he hit the button to raise the door- a bit harder than necessary, truth be told, but whatever- and went to his bike as it slowly opened. The helmet remained strapped to the rear of the seat as he wheeled the machine backward and outside, the tapped the control on his motorcycle to send the door down again.

It didn't take long to arrive at the park, and he stopped the bike in one of the far corners, knocking down th kickstand and leaving the vehicle sitting beneath a sreetlamp. His keys went into his pocket for safe-keeping, and then off he went a few dozen feet, pulling the sword free of its scabbard. He wasn't even entirely sure what had made him so angry, but several of the things the girl had said had set him off. It wasn't so bad earlier in the day, but then.... No, not like it was her place to say anything at all, but she probably would, anyway. Stupid big-mouthed bimbos can't keep their mouths shut and- damnit! He'd put too much force into swinging the sword and now one of the muscles along the left side of his ribs felt liked it had just cramped up. Badly. Slipping the sword over to his right hand, he covered his side with his left, rubbing at it through the leather of his jacket and cloth of his shirt, and took a few feeble right-handed swings at a nearby shrub.

Tags: kadaj, reeve
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