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Gossiping Garlic - Yazoo and Loz

Scene Type: Log
Characters: Yazoo and Loz Sterling
Location: Sterling Household
Summary: Yazoo and Loz talk about school, gossip and the evils of garlic/bell peppers. [Backdated by two years. Yazoo is 18, Loz 19.]

Yazoo: The English tutoring session had been...useful. His writing skills were improving. A little. He would probably be earning actual A's by now if he managed to stay focused. Eh, if he wanted to just study and, summons forbid, learn, he would just go to the library. But this way he got to study and have a little fun too.

He walked home with a smile on his face, as usual. A man was allowed to smile after a good day after all. When he finally arrived home, he opened the door and stepped in, announcing his arrival as he did, just in case anyone mistook him for a ninja and decided to ninja-kick him out. Dropping his bag by the door, like he wasn't supposed to, he started to head toward the kitchen to get something to eat.

Loz: "Oi, you're not suppose to do that!" Loz shouted from the living room after hearing the thump and he looked up from his comic in time to see Yazoo walk by. Whilst he was no longer living at home, living away from home was still a new and strange experience even though it had been his idea to leave in the first place. whilst he generally only visited every so often, sometimes he got the urge to stay over for a few nights and that night was one of them.

Glancing briefly at his watch, Loz let the comic slide from his lap as he stood to follow after Yazoo. "You're late coming back." Whilst it wasn't that noticeable, on several occasions he'd visited in the past, Yazoo hadn't been around or had been late and it had left him feeling a little... He couldn't put words to the feelings, not really.

Yazoo: Yazoo froze and looked back at Loz like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar before dinner. After staring back at him for a moment he backed up to the bag again, picked it up and took it with him to the kitchen to set it down by one of the empty chairs. "Better?"

When faced with another accusation, he frowned and gave Loz a mock glare. "I was staying after for tutoring." It was half true...Or at least one third of the truth...Sort of. Moving toward the fridge, he glanced back at his brother and asked, "So you're going to spend the night?" as he searched for something to snack on.

Loz: "Much." Loz grinned a little, highly amused that he'd caught Yazoo and the other's response had been comical.

Sticking his tongue out at the glare, he nodded slightly at the answer before following after him, bare feet cold against the kitchen tiles as he stepped onto them. "What are you getting tutoring in?" He'd always thought the other did well in all his classes so the news was a little surprising but now he supposed, Yazoo being late home when he visited made a lot more sense and he knew he should have asked sooner. "Yup. Mom already knows." He grinned widely, teeth showing as he peered around his brothers side to stick his nose in the fridge. "Oooooh." Spying one of the chocolate bars he latched onto it before Yazoo could and backed off as he opened the wrapper.

Yazoo: "English," Yazoo grumbled. While he was good with numbers, words were...something else entirely. But he was getting better! Honest!

Spotting a chocolate bar he grinned and reached for it only to have Loz snatch it before he could. Giving his older brother another glare he stuck his tongue out at him and turned back to the fridge. At least there was more than one...Grabbing a chocolate bar of his own, he shut the fridge door and went to sit down at the table. "Well, it's nice to have you home...Stealing our candy bars..." Holding his own bar possessively, he gave Loz another glare before unwrapping it.

Loz: "Ah... You've got Kopfer right? Damn he was a task master, I remember what some of the guys..." But he wasn't friends with them anymore and their opinion didn't really matter any longer and Loz scratched the back of his neck before shrugging. "There still rumours about him playing around with the Geography teacher or has he supposedly moved on to greener pastures now?"

Returning the glare, he added a 'Pbblfft!' sound as he stuck his tongue out then obnoxiously bit into his chocolate bar as he followed after Yazoo yet again. "Oh you know you like me being at home, don't try and deny it." And he quickly ruffle Yazoo's hair. "Hey, is that a hickey?" And he stepped back with a laugh before moving to his chair. "Just kidding." Chocolate bar still in hand he took another bite.

Yazoo: "Ya I have Kopfer and-" He froze at the mention of the mention of the geography teacher and 'greener pastures'. Making a face he tries to shake the image of his favorite teacher doing...things to the Geography teacher. It was a terrible mental image. "For the love of all that is holy Loz, don't mention that ever again." He shuddered at the joke...At least he hoped that it was just a joke.

When he finally managed to unwrap the titanium-enforced candy bar wrapper, he took a bite from it and rolled his eyes. "Yah yah. I just love you so-Don't do that!" Swatting at the hand that dared to ruffle his hair, he gave Loz his most powerful glare yet.

One that almost immediately replaced with a wide-eyed look of shock and desperate collar readjusting.

Loz: "Why? The geography teacher was cute... better than the rumour about him and Miss. Mariko the girl's gym teacher... or him and Mr. Dubez..." There really had been a lot of rumours back when he'd been at school but his friends of the time had likely started most of them. "I doubt there's many rumours anymore though eh?" He chuckled a little, slightly amused at Yazoo's reaction from before.

"I'm just so loveable," and oblivious to the glare he slumped down next to his brother and finished the chocolate bar off in one chomp, eyes leaving the silver wrapper to watch Yazoo re-adjust his collar. "I was joking..." He finally mumbled around the chocolate in his mouth and his brow rose a little as he swallowed. "Or do you really have something to hide? Got yourself a girlfriend?" And he elbowed him gently.

Yazoo: "Cute?" Well...Compared to Ms. Mariko...maybe and- "Dubez?" He made another face and shook his head in hopes that that mental image would leave. "Where in the world are you hearing this stuff?" Most likely from his old friends. They were all liars and it was just like them to slander a teacher.

When Loz admitted to it just being a joke, he relaxed and let his hand fall from the collar. Then stiffened at the mention of a girlfriend. "Girlfriend?" Turning to look at Loz, he stared at him for a moment. Then laughed. "Ya...I have a girlfriend. You've met her before." He wagged a brow and grinned. "Cassandra's quite the girl ya know." He had to bite his lip to keep from laughing again. Laughing nervously would give himself away.

Loz: "Yeah, cute... well, as cute as any teacher can be." He shrugged a little before nodding. "Yup, Dubez, though those two are two of the nicer rumours going round. There was one rumour that he got this girl in our class pregnant but turned out it was just her stupid boyfriend telling tales so he didn't have to face reality." Still, the accusation hadn't caused that much of a stir within his band of friends except for a little extra graffiti.

"I have?" He paused, realizing the other was joking as soon as he wagged a brow and at the mention of Cassandra he rolled his eyes. "You really need to get out more," he murmured under his breath before licking his thumb where a bit of chocolate had smeared. "Sooooo, what's for dinner? Mom wouldn't tell me." His bottom lip jutted out slightly.

Yazoo: Yazoo raised a brow and took another bite of his candy-bar to stall for enough thinking time. If there were rumors of Kopfer getting female students pregnant those could easily turn to... Oh what was he worrying about? "The rumors sound like a load of crap. According those everyone in the school has had sex with everyone else." With the way rumors were, it wouldn't surprise him.

"I make sure to meet the minimum amount of 'out time' every day. So there," he countered, sticking his tongue out for effect. At the question of dinner, he shrugged. "Who knows? She's probably going to make me cook anyway."

Loz: "Well duh, that's what rumours are. Still, I remember Kopfer getting a fair share of them, especially with the crush his teacher's pet had." Loz snorted slightly as he shook his head, remembering the teasing the boy had gone through and he was if he admitted it to himself, ashamed of his part in it, however minimal.

"What is the minimum amount now-a-days before you crave her again? Ten minutes? Have you made it to twenty?" He stuck his tongue out in revenge and briefly considered stealing the others candy bar. "You cook well though." Well, anyone who was better than him cooked well in Loz's eyes.

Yazoo: "Teacher's pet?" Yazoo immediately straightened up and looked at Loz. While he wanted to know, he couldn't think of a way to ask without sounding suspicious and this was getting close to home. Too close.

Narrowing his eyes, he took another bite of his candy bar and glared. "Ha-ha, very funny." Leaning back he shrugged again. "Eh, I cook alright." He wasn't the best, but still...Better than Loz was good enough. "So have any suggestions for dinner?"

Loz: "Mhmm hmmm... the prank one Valentine's day was quite mean, he laughed it off but..." Shaking his head he sighed a little. Loz was well aware of how big a prat he'd been back then. Still, he couldn't change the past and his group of friends had quickly moved onto being jerks to someone else.

"I know it's funny, I'm a comic genius didn't you know?" He said dead-panned before looking at his watch again. Nearly half past six and his stomach was growling, the chocolate bar hadn't done much at all. "Anything?" Grinning, he slumped down a little, elbows resting on the table. "What do you feel like cooking?"

Yazoo: Prank? He never heard of a prank and it wasn't Valentine's day yet so it had to have been someone else so he it didn't really concern him...But he was curious. "What was the prank?" He tried to soften his voice a bit since he knew how Loz felt about his old friends.

"A sure-fire genius, that you are." He grinned. "You should get your own show on the comedy channel." Leaning back, he finished his candy-bar off and crumpled the wrapper, thinking of what he was willing to make. "Hmm...Hamburger macaroni cheese with peas?" That was always good. And it took little to no effort to make.

Loz: "One of the guy's forged the guy's writing and wrote a... smutty Valentine card to Kopfer and left it on his desk." He couldn't really remember it all except the class reaction and the boy laughing it off. "Kopfer let him down gently of course, just playing along to try and get the others off the kid's back I guess." Loz shrugged slightly, a hand rising up to rub at his left eye a little before he lowered it and let his chin drop into his palm.

"Mhmm you're just jealous." He wiggled his lips as if making a 'kissy-kissy' pouty motion before blowing a raspberry at him. "Maybe I will, and then you'll be sorry." Yawning widely until his jaw made a small popping sound, Loz tried to sit up straighter. "Mhmm that would be good." His stomach grumbled in agreement.

Yazoo: Yazoo nodded and relaxed a little. Good. "He'd had better have let him down-" He stopped and coughed. Then quickly added. "Gently. The kid probably had enough problems without getting in trouble for it." Honestly, he didn't give a damn about the kid but he couldn't just admit to real reason why he cared about it.

"Jealous? Of what?" He narrowed his eyes and blew a raspberry back before getting up off his chair. "If you want me to cook, you better behave. Else I'll toss garlic in there too."

Loz: "Mhmmm, I think Kopfer saw it as a joke, likely noticed the difference in writing or something." He shrugged a little. "I know Kopfer kept him behind after class, probably just told him not to worry about it though... they moved on from him the next week anyway." They never could keep their attention on one person for so long without growing bored.

"Of my creative, comical genius." Loz shut up though at the mention of garlic before making a gagging sound. "Eww, not nice to threaten me brother. Meanie." But he closed his mouth with a snap and made a 'closing zipper' motion before holding his hands out in a hopefully calming manner. The last thing he wanted was his poor soon to be dinner to be covered in icky garlic.

Yazoo: Just a joke. Nothing to worry about. Though he'd probably have to ask about it during his next 'tutoring' session. Just to know Kopfer's side as well. "At least those guys had a short attention span."

"Yazoo the meanie. Kinda has a ring to it, don't ya think?" The big bad mean Yazoo started going though the cabinets, pulling out macaroni & cheese boxes and a few cans of peas. If he made enough tonight, he wouldn't have to cook again for at least a whole day. Two if Loz decided to trade a meal in for candy bars. "Now let's hope no garlic accidentally falls in." He turned back to give Loz an evil look before returning to the task at hand.

Loz: Loz nodded a little though it was the short attention span that often got them into trouble... he'd been a stupid teenager, even if he had 'ended it all' only several months prior. He was better off for it though.

"Yeah, you're evil." He watched 'mean' Yazoo riffle through the cabinets, shifting in his seat as the other started work on making dinner and he thought about getting up to help before remembering he'd been banned from going anywhere near the oven. Or the blender for that matter. "If Garlic does accidentally fall in, we might have to watch out for some magically appearing bell peppers also." He cast a poignant glance towards the fridge where they were kept before turning in his seat to leaf through the magazine that had been left on the table.

"Mom left her magazine." And he flipped past several pages before stopping. "Are you a good boyfriend stroke girlfriend?" He eyed the quiz and was pleased to find that his mother hadn't filled in any answers. "Do people actually bother with these things?"

Yazoo: Glancing back at Loz, he narrowed his eyes and quickly stuck his tongue out at him (again) before going to the freezer to grab some hamburger. "The magically appearing bell peppers will stay in their cold dimension." There was no way he was going to let those things get into his food.

After grabbing the frozen hamburger meat, he placed it in the sink and turned on the hot water to thaw it a bit before he started. Glancing back at Loz for a moment, he shrugged. "Probably. There are many sad people out there with too much spare time on their hands." When he was sure the hot water wasn't going to flood the house, he scooted closer to his brother to take a look at the magazine. "What sort of questions do they have?"

Loz: "Then the garlic best stay there also." He restrained from sticking out his tongue and instead decided to act the more mature one out of the two of them and just smirked at him.

"Hmmm, guess so." Glancing through the questions he stifled a chuckle at a few of them. "How these can help you decide whether you're good or not I really don't understand." Words didn't really mean anything, especially when printed in a magazine from some 'expert.' Looking back at the first number at Yazoo's question he gave a slight cough before reading it out. "You and your boyfriend stroke girlfriend are fooling around, you tell him or her you don't want to have sex. He or she says: One. That's okay, I understand. Two. But I thought you said you loved me. Or three. Well, you've got me excited. Now, you have to have sex with me."

Pausing, he read the possible answers again and blinked. "And people get paid for this shit?"

Yazoo: Drat. He had been out-matured! By his older brother of all people. That usually meant it was time to just drop the subject, but he couldn't resist giving him one last glare before he did.

"I suppose they could help you" He couldn't even come up with a joke and just shrugged. Leaning closer as Loz read off the answers, he made a face. "So um...The first question's about sex." Of course. Typical. He had discussed it but they both decided that later was better. Especially since getting caught doing it in the classroom would be...bad.

"And they're probably getting paid more than people who actually do stuff too." Looking at the second question, he raised a brow and frowned. "You have a lot of studying to do this weekend and you don't have time to go out with your boyfriend stroke girlfriend. He stroke she says: One, That they understand. Two, Laughs and says you're going to flunk anyway." He raised a brow. "And three, makes you feel guilty and insists you go out." He could answer one and three so...What did that mean?

Loz: "This could help as toilet paper if you were caught short or fire kindling but that's about it." He rolled his eyes a little before nodding. "These things usually are about sex aren't they?" Not that he spent a whole lot of time leafing through magazines intended for women.

"Well what's the point in having all that money if they're not doing anything fun with it?" Snorting, Loz then listened as his brother read out the second question. "Probably the third for me, only they'd fail to make me feel guilty..." Then again, Loz hadn't been one to study a whole lot and usually scrapped by his teeth unless he was naturally gifted in the subject.

"Number three. Your boyfriend stroke girlfriend sees you talking to another boy stroke girl. They one. Smile and wave over to you. Two. Makes sure the other boy or girl knows you have a boyfriend or girlfriend by putting their arms around you and introducing themselves. Or three. Grabs you by the arm and drags you away, accusing you of cheating." He closed the magazine, finding the quiz highly stupid. "Was that made for insecure teenage girls or something?" The answers were more ridiculous and unlikely as the questions themselves.

Yazoo: "And maybe an example of everything that's wrong with humanity." From what he could tell from looking over Loz's shoulder, most of the questions were just a matter of common sense.

"They probably use it to get the martinis in the eighth sector." He heard rumors of those costing an arm and a leg. Not that he knew anything about drinking. Not from experience anyway...At least not his own. "Yah. Since studying is such a crime." He gave Loz a soft pat on the back so he'd know there were no hard feelings.

One. Of course since it was a bit of a secret, they couldn't exactly go around putting their arms around each other. Not until he at least graduated anyway...And probably a bit after that so it wouldn't be too suspicious. Looking over Loz's shoulder, he answered the rest of the questions in his head. Most of them were ones and from what he could tell, that meant he had a decent boyfriend. That was common sense of course.

Suddenly remembering the hamburger, he turned away from Loz and the magazine with a loud profanity and rushed back to the sink which was now close to overflowing. "Damn it! Forgot to unplug the drain." Turning the facet off, he tried to think of how he could unplug it without either a) burning his hand, b) making the sink overflow or c) both. And of course at that moment, the phone just had to ring. "Oi! Loz! Can you get that?"

Loz: "Who the fuck drinks martinis?" There were much better drinks like a stiff drill or red spanking devil. Now those were drinks that were worth the cost. Shaking his head, Loz wiggled his nose a little at the pat. "It's a heinous crime didn't you know?"

Pondering whether he should get another chocolate bar and risk losing his appetite, his thoughts were jarred as Yazoo cursed, something unusual in itself and he stood up to help, grabbing one of the kitchen knives from the board and hooked the chain connected to the plug to give it a tug. "Fuck, always at the annoying when you're in the shower." Handing Yazoo the knife so he could try and pull the plug free more easily, Loz took quick steps to grab the phone off the wall.

"Yo, this is the Sterling residence."

Yazoo: "People with too much money who have no idea how to spend it drink martini's," he growled as he rolled up his sleeves and slowly tried to put his arm into the sink without making too much of a mess. When Loz came with a kitchen knife he quickly abandoned that idea in favor for the one that was less likely to cause a mess. Taking the hilt from him, he made sure the chain was connected and gave a gentle tug. When that didn't work he tried it a bit harder.

"Loz Sterling?" Kopfer asked. "You're still home, I see. Is your brother Yazoo there? I need to...tell him about our next session."

The harder tugs weren't working too well, with one hand, so he carefully grabbed blade and gave it one last tug. The plug finally came free and the water started to go down the drain. Course he managed to cut the palm of his hand in the process. "Fuck! Idiot!"

Loz: "I suppose... they also have no taste in drinks either."

Watching Yazoo fiddle with the plug was briefly amusing and as he watched him, phone pressed to his ear, he looked a little surprise at the sound of Kopfer's voice on the other end of the phone. "Yeah I am." He wasn't sure why 'you're still home' seemed like some sort of accusation and as he listened, he thought about saying no. "He's here, I'll just..." The plug came free but at the sacrifice of Yazoo's palm and he quickly fumbled with the phone. "Sorry, gotta go." Putting the phone down on his old teacher likely wasn't the most polite thing but he had other stuff to worry about.

"Shit, I should have found something less sharp to prod with." Taking Yazoo's hand he dragged him closer to the sink and turned the cold tap on. It didn't seem like a large cut but still... "Keep that under the water, I'll grab the first aid kit." And he rushed off to the bathroom to grab the kit before Yazoo could say otherwise.

Yazoo: Yazoo just hissed and did as he was told and put his hand under the cold water, after he moved the hamburger meat out of the way of course. He doubted the rest of the family would like the taste of iron in their dinner very much.

And of course the phone had to ring again. Most likely one of Loz's old friends given the annoyance. Turning to glare at the phone, he growled. "Oh fuck off!" before turning back to the sink and pulling his hand away to check. The cut wasn't deep but fuck it stung.

Loz: First aid kit in hand, Loz quickly headed back to the kitchen and after a check that the cut wasn't deep enough for Yazoo to bleed all over the kitchen floor, he lightly grabbed the other's wrist and held it up so the blood wouldn't be so easy to flow. At least, he thought that was what was suppose to happen but it wasn't like he'd take courses. "Hold it like that whilst I get out some of this um, stuff." Loz wasn't exactly sure what he was suppose to do except perhaps put on of the pads on it to keep it protected.

"Let it ring," he murmured as the phone rang and he worked on sorting Yazoo's hand out. The phone eventually stopped ringing as he smoothed the pad on over the cut once the blood wasn't welling. "We'll get mom when she gets back from the shops." When the phone started up again, he walked over, took it off the hook and growled into the receiver. "We're busy, call back later." After hanging up, he really hoped it wasn't his mother trying to get through.

"Are you okay?" Now his panic was over, he felt the well of guilt. "I'm sorry."

Yazoo: Doing as he was told, Yazoo wrapped his uninjured hand around his other wrist and held it up. He distinctly remembered hearing something about how you were supposed to hold a wound above your heart, but he didn't think that this wound was as bad as Loz was making it out to be.

When his brother finally finished padding his hand up (no thanks to the phone,) he let go of his hand and flexed it a little. It hurt so he didn't do it again. "That's good." He gave Loz a small smile to show that it was fine. "Heh...Don't be sorry...I wasn't exactly a genius for grabbing the blade."

And then the phone rang again.

Loz: "It was my fault though for giving you a knife to prod it with... I'm an idiot." The drill of the phone interrupted his self pity party though and he had to wonder if it was Kopfer ringing again... or perhaps it had been their mother last time and she was re-ringing to give him an earful.

"You seat down for a minute... you want juice or umm... something for the shock?" He awaited an answer as he headed back to the phone, glaring at it as if that would silence the shrill but as it continued he finally got sick enough of the sound to pick the phone up again. "What?"

Yazoo: "And it's my fault for grabbing onto the sharp bit. I'm just as much of an idiot as you are, if not more." Yazoo didn't like it when Loz blamed himself. It took way too long for him to realize that everything wasn't his fault and he could quit whining about it already. Course the phone may actually do something useful and distract him.

"It's not that bad!" He pouted a bit and held his hand out. "See?"

"Is there something wrong?" Kopfer asked, concern in his voice. "You hung up rather quickly."

Loz: "I guess we're both idiots then," he sighed, though he still felt rather guilty about it. Putting the phone to his ear as he watched Yazoo hold his hand out, he nodded slightly, glad the other wasn't angry with him at least even though Loz knew his brother should be.

"Nothing, family stuff." Looking over to Yazoo he wondered if his brother was up to a phone conversation and he put his hand over the mouth piece. "It's Kopfer, you okay to take the call? He seemed a bit worried." Probably to do with Loz putting the phone down on him twice. Ooops.

Yazoo: "That we are." It was a fairly accurate statement given how they both had a part in the idiocy.

When Loz said Kopfer's name, he stiffened for a moment before going up to take the phone from him. Kopfer never called him at home before and he wondered if he should worry. Bringing the phone up to his ear, he asked, "Hello?" Pause. Then, "Yes, this is him." Another pause, then, "Yeah, yeah, just sliced my hand...Yes, I'll be more careful."

Then Kopfer said something he wasn't entirely expecting to hear on his house phone and he glanced back at Loz for a moment before turning away to stare at the wall, trying to keep his tone sounding at least somewhat apathetic instead of excited. "So we're going to cover that next time then?...Alright, thanks for letting me know and-Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry and-" Another pause and he tried to think of how he could respond with Loz behind him. Then settled on using a famous movie quote. "I know." Works everytime.

"Kay...Bye." After hanging up as well, he had to take a moment to breathe before turning around again. "So...Dinner?"

Loz: Handing the phone over, Loz went back over to the sink to check that everything was draining away nicely. spying a few blood drops in the sink he turned the taps on, letting the cold water run and wash away the small splatter of blood and despite his best attempts he couldn't help but listen in on Yazoo's end of the conversation with Kopfer. It seemed pretty boring though he had to wonder why the English teacher was calling his brother at home.

"Everything alright?" He asked once Yazoo had put the phone down and he turned the taps again to cut off the cold water. "You really must need help if he's calling you at home now." Loz grinned a little, teasing, before he nodded. "Dinner is good."

Yazoo: He nodded. "Everything's just fine-" Then he stopped and gave Loz a blank stare. Then he glared. "If you want garlic I can add it in." Stepping past him, he returned to the counter and moved all the items closer to the stove. Kopfer's call worried him a bit. If it was just about class, that was one thing but he said...other things as well. On his home phone. On the other hand, it probably meant he wanted to talk more, which had to be a good thing.

He'd have to give him his cell-phone number then.
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