Rufus Shinra (fear_darknation) wrote in afterlife_rpg,
Rufus Shinra

Paintball Arena

Type: Closed
Characters: Rufus and Vincent
Location: Lower Midgar, Paintball Arena
Summary: Rufus heads out to the paintball arena Friday night to check it all out and enters a game.

Rufus walked the streets of lower Midgar with his backpack strung over his shoulders, from the look of it obviously carrying something bulky and heavy within it. He was dressed in all black and, surprisingly, the clothes were slightly tattered and faded here and there. It was a very old set of clothes. All the better to play paintball with, even if he would have armor on.

The young Shinra carried the paint-rifle in his hand with a familiar grip and recieved many strange looks as people scurried out of his way, bringing a small smile to his face. Glancing at the street signs, Rufus took a turn at the next street and headed into a dead end. There at the end was the building set up for "headquarters" to the paintball arena. Inside was registation, tables and chairs for relaxing in between games, a video arcade to pass the wait time, and a small stand with refreshments being sold. It was a nice hang out even if you weren't playing the game that particular day.

Rufus walked in, glanced once around the entire area, then headed for the registration counter. It was a cheap fair to play in a game of paintball, encouraging all types to play, and besides that, it was run by players themselves and the fee was only for repairing what little they spent money on that got messed up. Rufus waited in the short line and started noticing the people as he stood third in line.
Tags: rufus, vincent
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