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Rufus Shinra

Scene Type: Log/Closed (?)
Characters: Tifa and Rufus
Location: Sector Seven, Lower Plate
Summary: Rufus goes below plate again for more wandering... runs into Tifa and they chat and stuff.

Rufus closed his eyes for a second and paused his step. He started walking again before opening his eyes, but they followed shortly after. He looked around again.

Nope. Definitely lost. Not that he was worried. He had already traveled here several times and easily made it back out. Why did he like to go below the plate? Even he had to wonder; it wasn't his style, that's for sure. But something called to him.

Maybe it was all the girls he kept running into. Currently he had met two from below plate. They had a certain... charm, exuberance... to them that must have been appealing. For all the decadence here below the plate, many of the people were happy and lived life loving it. Maybe that's what he liked.

Whatever it was, Rufus was once again wondering the streets below Upper Midgar. This time, however, he had managed to get himself a tad lost in the Sector Seven tangle of streets. It seemed more a maze than any of the others, or maybe that was just him.

Tifa hadn't traveled out of Sector One in quite a long time; not since Strife had given her a sort of 'warning' about it. Nonetheless, she found herself wandering Sector Seven, though this was in search of a specific place. She had heard of a landmark within the sector that she wanted to see for herself; normally Tifa was never too interested in the history of a city that wasn't her own, but her encounter with Sephiroth had changed her way of thinking slightly.

Her brown eyes lifted from the ground hoping she was nearer her distination when she caught sight of a fairly out-of-place looking young man. He seemed confused, though not overly worried about a situation. Silently she wondered if that was what she looked like when she was found by that gangster. Tifa watched him for a while since he was pleasant to look at, and how that thought made her all too aware of her age.

He had an aire of confidence that surrounded him and she thought that was what maybe gave him away the most. Even when thinking he was lost she pondered if that was how he carried himself all the time. Seemed like it was judging by how well he pulled it off.

"Excuse me.." putting on her best 'chipper' voice, she approached him without hesitation. "Something wrong?"

Rufus almost jumped, quite startled at the voice that seemingly came out of nowhere. He turned to its source and immediately a smile came to his lips. He eyed the youthful girl before him, probably about his age he guessed. He tried desperately not to give her that glance up and down that turned off many a women, and merely focused on her liquid brown eyes.

Still smiling easily, Rufus responded. "Oh, of course not. I always wander the streets below plate while lost. It's quite a hobby of mine." He hoped the pretty brunnette before him wouldn't mind the friendly sarcastic manner in which he answered rude. His tone was light enough and truly he didn't sound arrogant for once.

"Ohhh, I thought you might be a little lost. No offense, but you don't even look like you belong in a place below the plate." Her eyes played over his smile and immediately she felt like melting. Said confidence seemed to burst out of one look making him seem even more like someone from the upper plate.

Tifa returned his smile while trying not to make it turn into too much of a dopey grin. It was nice to smile again, that is smile without it being after an annoying yelling match. "Well I suppose since it's your hobby you're not lost," she matched his sarcastic banter with one of her own, "meaning you don't need a little help from a stranger."

Rufus chuckled. "Yes, I suppose you're right." His smile widened, quite amused with the witty return. "Well, in that case... better be on our serapate ways." He made as if to walk off.

But he thought better of if, taking only a few steps before turning back to her with another smile. "Well, actually... to be truthful, a little help couldn't hurt really..." He smiled sheepishly, but it was also evident that he was only playing really.

Tifa stood there as he turned having a good idea what he was doing. She shifted her weight to one side and placed a hand on her hip. Giving a clearly loud playful huff, she watched him take his three or four steps away. Saying something would ruin the effect, or so she thought.

If he smiled anymore, she thought as his head turned back in her direction, I'm going to be a puddle soon. "I didn't think so. See? You upper plate people don't need to be so proud all the time." She casually made a stride in his direction, bringing her hands behind her back to sway slightly. "I'm Tifa just in case you were wondering."

Rufus' eyes lit up briefly at Tifa's admonishment, clearing loving every moment of this little game. He nodded politely in acknowledgement to her introduction. "I am Rufus. It is a pleasure to meet you, Lady Tifa."

He figured he might as well stick with the 'knightly' approach; the last time he had called a lady 'Ms.' it had turned out to be the wrong title. He smiled politely again at the end of his short introduction and waited for her to reply.

"Lady, hm?" she paused to ponder this given title, "I've never been called a Lady before." It took her a while to decide if she liked it or not, but she concluded that if it came from him it couldn't have been all that bad. "Does that make you Sir Rufus? Well, the pleasure is mine, Rufus."

Quickly she wondered who exactly she was with. The only Rufus she had ever heard of was Shinra...who was on the upper plate, obviously. "'re not..?" Tifa didn't want to offend the man by getting a little awkward around him when she figured out who he was. But really..he was worth billions of gil, who wouldn't?

Rufus smiled at being called 'Sir' and waved the title idly off as she continued. He smirked knowingly at her next words. "Am I... Rufus Shinra, of the Shinra Inc. family, heir to the billions of a rich father?" Rufus smirked. "That would be yours truly, yes."

He shrugged and glanced at her curiously to take in her reaction. He wasn't sure rather the usualy ackwardness after the realization was amusing or just plain annoying. Perhaps it also depended on the person, but Rufus silently admitted that for the most part he truly hated it. Being treated differently...

But he kept his mouth shut and uplifted into a quiant smile. He didn't want to scare away the pretty lady after all.

Tifa simply kept her smile and shrugged her shoulders, "Just wondering." She could only imagine how bothersome it was being him sometimes. Knowing herself she would constantly wonder if people were being nice to her because she was her or because of the gil involved.

"So why're you down here? Really lost or looking for a way out of the boredom? Assuming it does get bored up there," she motioned with her index finger to the sky, well, plate above them.

"Oh, I assure you. It does." He cocked his head to the side as he continued to regard her interestedly. "I do come down here out of boredom. So far, its been very good to me." He smiled at this statement, clearly speaking of the current events of their meeting.

He sighed and waved a hand around idly. "However, I've only been through this sector once before and that was straight through to the other side. This time I've managed to wander myself into a predicament." He glanced around a bit before looking at her again.

"I don't suppose it would be rude of me to ask for a bit of help, would it?" He tried his sweetest smile yet, flashing pearly white teeth at her in an attempt to look completely innocent and compelling at the same time.

A blush automatically came to her cheeks as she caught on to his words. Hopefully she wasn't taking them too out of context, but judging from the way he said it and the way he gazed she wasn't too far off. Mentally, Tifa smacked the redness from her face to reply, "Well I'm glad it can be accomodating to you.

"It's not rude at all to ask for help," shaking her head to reinforce her statement she continued, "but, to tell the truth, I don't know how much help I'd be. I'm from Sector One on the upper plate. But I suppose two heads are better than one."

Again Tifa looked over his face with a trademark smile. Brushing the black hair from her face she glanced behind her to the way she came from. "Hm. I can probably help you, the sectors aren't that hard to get your way around once you really take a stroll around one. Buuut," she turned back to give her focus to him, "would I be getting anything out of this little adventure?"

Rufus raised an eyebrow. "And what would you like out of this 'little adventure' as you so eloquently called it, hmm...?"

Rufus smirked as he glanced around. "Sector One Upper, hmm? I've never even been there compared to how many times I've been down here. Ironic, no?" He turned his attention back to her with a wry smile. "Sorry to say, I didn't realize you weren't from around here. My apologies."

And truly he meant it, bowing ever-so-slightly from the waist as he said the words. "Well, if you'd simply accompany and attempt to show me around, then that would be enough for me. We can get lost together if nothing else." He shrugged. "And... I guess I'll give you something in return if you truly want it...."

"For now your company is enough, but you're the boy so maybe by the end you'll figure out something suitable," she rolled back and forth on her heels, a fairly normal practice for her, as she looked at him knowingly. Maybe for her a second meeting with Rufus Shinra would be nice.

"I go down to the lower levels a lot since there isn't much of a difference between upper of One and lower of all the rest, ya know?" Her hand waved him off by the time he finished his apology. "Nothing to be sorry for, there's no way you could've known; besides, it's not being rude for you not knowing."

Her head tilted slightly and a thin eyebrow arched with a grin as she watched him bow ever so politely. He was quite an alternative to someone like Strife, that was for sure; speaking of, she was more than a little shocked she hadn't thought about the other blonde until then. Though now wasn't the time for her to get annoyed just by his thought.

"Being lost with Rufus Shinra, what a story to tell the girls," Tifa smiled warmly, "even without the Shinra part it's a good story to tell..."

Rufus grinned appreciatively at her last comment, easily egged on by her apparent interest. "Well, then... should we be off? Perhaps getting lost over in this general direction?" Rufus pointed in the direction he had previously been walking, indicating that they should walk that way.

"I am most glad for your company." Rufus spoke as the two began to walk down the sidewalk. "If this is getting lost, I'll gladly find myself in a state of confusion concerning my whereabouts much more often. I think it could be well worth it." He smiled sweetly at her once again.

Tifa followed closely by his side while constantly badgering herself mentally to not grin any wider and to not get any more red from his words. He was such a smooth talker and she realized that this was more than likely the treatment that every other woman he met received. Still, it was nice to have a few kind words said to you every so often, every woman thought that.

She glanced up from her thoughts to give a sly smirk to him, voicing only some of her ideas. "Hmmhuh. I'm betting that I'm not the first girl you've said something amazingly suave like that to. But even though, you really should find yourself lost in Sector One more often. Everyone will be jealous if they saw me walking with you."

Rufus laughed. "I bet! So, you like making all the other girls jealous on a normal basis?" The young Shinra couldn't help but to grin again, clearly amused by her statement.

"Aa, but you are right. My apologies, but I can't help but to be as smooth with other ladies as I am currently being with you. It wouldn't be fair, now would it? Besides, to grace me with their presence, any lady should not deserve less." He sounded sincere enough, but that was for her to decide of course. It was still quite obvious that he was playing his words just right.

(Note: I figure, Tifa-mun, that it can just happen after his return from Kalm... he's wandering around looking for previous acquaintances but finds a new one instead. It's fun. ^^ Also, we can continue in threads...?)
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