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Scene Type: Open
Characters: Loz and...
Location: Sector 4, Upper Plate
Summary: Loz takes a wander around Sector 4 to check out the location more thoroughly. (Will add more on if anyone shows up...)

It was almost the weekend and Loz was putting the early evening to good use. Whilst he’d visited Sector 4 on several occasions before, mostly when visiting the Motorbike Dealership, other than knowing of a coffee shop that sold delicious cake, he really didn’t know much about the area.

He’d left a deposit for the flat he’d seen just an hour before and had signed all contracts. The apartment within the renovated factory was his as soon as things got paid in full and a quick phone call home and his father had told him he’d take care of it. It was nice, exciting, and all happening a little to fast. This would be his home. His. No more renting or having to yell at the landlord about the boiler or rat infestation. He’d be able to paint the walls or have his music as loud as he wanted if he so wished and he couldn’t get rid of the happy grin on his face. It was exciting, even though he was a little nervous about sharing the area with Yazoo. He knew his brother would keep up with the payments for various house hold things and would help with the chores but he still worried that they’d have a row or something one day. It’d be like living at home again, only without younger brothers to snoop or annoying parents telling him to go to bed when he was up past midnight.

Stomach growling, he decided to continue his journey onward until he came across a restaurant or fast food joint. He was in such a good mood he wasn’t at all picky.

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