Strife (once_a_hero) wrote in afterlife_rpg,

Meeting Under the Plate

Scene Type: Log [Closed]
Characters: Strife & Jessie
Location: 'My Land' Corner, Sector 2 - Lower Plate
Summary: Strife calls upon Jessie's skills of demolitions to help create a situation that will cause more tension in his war. She agrees and they negociate.

Strife leaned himself up against the cement building waiting for the little girl that he was planning on meeting. It had taken him a bit of time to find her and even longer to find a way to contact her, but he had eventually managed to get his way. He needed her to help him with a little construction problem, and he had heard that she was good.

No one suspected females either. Sad fact of life, but true.

He glanced at the watch he had stollen and glanced to his motorcycle parked illegally on the corner known as 'My Land'. It had been the first hit he had ever done, and the name had stuck to the corner. He only hoped that this female wouldn't be late, as he had a deal for her... or he thought it was a good one.
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