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Loz and Kadaj

Scene Type: Log
Characters: Loz and Kadaj
Location: 1666 Virgo lane, sector three top plate
Summary: Loz is a good big brother and lectures Kadaj about being drunk. Then nearly makes him cry from embarassment by picking on him.

Loz: Loz had thought for several hours about what he was going to say to Kadaj exactly and then in the end decided a lecture was in order. A several hour long one, and whilst it was a little hypocritical of him to talk about such things being bad, he didn't want Kadaj going the same way he had and whilst one stint didn't mean he'd turn to a life of drink and drugs, Loz still felt he had to nip things in the bud.

Scratching his arm as he wandered around the house looking for Kadaj, Loz stopped in the kitchen briefly to grab a snack before he headed outside to see if Kadaj was out there. "Hey," he called when he got outside and noticed Kadaj reading and he tread lightly over to him, fingers working to pull open the wrapper of the chocolate bar he was eating. Chocolate bar pinging out of the wrapper, Loz almost dropped it to the floor and with a start, managed to catch it and hold on. "Stupid thing." Sitting down besides Kadaj he took a bite before the chocolate decided to make another escape.

Kadaj: Slouching back in one of the patio chairs, Kadaj had a book propped up on his lap. He couldn’t remember how long he’d been reading for, his conversation with Vincent still on his mind, though things had gone well by the end of it, but it was still sitting on his mind nevertheless. He’d thought Vincent would be mad at him, but his friend had said otherwise, and while wanting to believe him, it wasn’t so easy to put it all out of his mind.

Looking up when Loz came onto the patio, he nodded his head a little in the direction of his eldest brother. “Hey, Loz.” A brow rose up as Loz nearly lost his chocolate bar, but managed to save it, and he shook his head a little bit before closing his book and setting it on the table next to the chair. He picked up his drink and took a sip- the ice was melting and watering it down, but it was still cold, at least- then pulled his feet up into his chair and looked down at his knees. “You’re gonna lecture me, aren’t you?”

Loz: "Yup." He wondered if he should be concerned that he was that obvious but considering it was almost routine by now he supposed he shouldn't be surprised. "Father asked about the cabinet this morning, I told him I'd had a few drinks to celebrate my raise at work...knocked the bottle over and spilt a bit." He sniffed a little before taking another bite of his chocolate and looked out ahead, waiting until he'd swallowed.

"You know, I learned after the first grounding that they mark the bottles." He nudged Kadaj lightly with his elbow before turning his head to glance at him. Shifting and allowing his arms to rest on his legs, he bent over a little and looked away again. "What you did was very stupid, you're underage for one and drinking in excess will only cause problems. I'm just glad that if you had to be an idiot you did it at home with people... People you trust."

Swallowing a little he wished he'd brought a drink out also as the chocolate was now sticking in his throat. He really hadn't wanted nor expected to have such a conversation with his younger brother.

Kadaj: Well, he’d thought that he was feeling better after his conversation with Vincent, but now he had that sinking, sick feeling all over again and he knew Loz was right. “They mark the bottles? Oh, damn....” He took another, longer drink from his glass just to have a few moments to think, then sat it down again, a bit harder than he intended, making the contents slosh a bit. “And you lied for me. So why not tell them the truth, then? Not like I can feel any worse, anyway.”

He let his feet fall off the edge of the chair and then stretched his legs out in front of him with his hands folded over his stomach. “Yeah, it was stupid, I know. I don’t even know why I had any. I never did before. I don’t remember it either, I just see those stupid comments in the journals. You know Vince was mad at me, too?” Raising his hands, he fidgeted with the hair that fell in front of his face, tugging and picking at his absently. “I don’t think you want to know what Vince told me I did, either.” Slouching more in the chair, he slid down low in it. He almost wished he could just vanish, but he knew Loz wouldn’t let him go anyway.

Loz: "They do, always have." He nudged Kadaj again before giving a little shrug. "I figure the hangover, embarrassment and this lecture is more than enough alone that a grounding isn't really needed." Besides, if he couldn't cover for Kadaj in such a stupid thing, he wasn't much of a bigger brother. "I figure you learnt your lesson." He paused for a moment and licked his lips before adding; "Right?"

"People rarely do remember what they did whilst drunk. Inhibitions and lowered and I'm only glad you were at home." The news that Vincent was mad wasn't that surprising, especially as the other had been there throughout Kadaj's little drinking session. Turning back to look at him, Loz could see the slight squirming and fidgeting and he thought it served him right.

"I probably don't, but it looks like you need to talk about it." He'd had Yazoo to confide in on the odd occasion he'd had to so he felt it was a brotherly duty to offer the same and considering he'd had a lot of experience in making a fool of himself whilst drunk... Lifting a hand to his arm he briefly scratched at the area where the cloth covered his tattoo and he coughed. He really did know what it was like to make a fool of oneself.

Kadaj: “Yeah... I don’t want to drink any more. It wasn't all that fun anyway.” Or so he assumed, considering he couldn’t remember it anyway. He still felt like an idiot, though, still felt like he’d made a complete fool of himself, especially after what Vincent had told him. “I’m glad I was home, too. I don’t know what I might have done anywhere else, and it was bad enough from what I can gather without being around a bunch of people who might not have been so nice.”

Shaking his head, he let out a little puff of air from his lips. “It’s stupid. You’re gonna kill me. Apparently I tried to convince Vince....” He felt his cheeks flush bright red and he sunk even lower in the chair. “Never mind, forget it. It’s not important.” No way could he bring himself to tell Loz what Vincent had told him. Wiping sweaty palms on his jeans, he finally pushed himself back up to sitting again. “How stupid was I being anyway?”

Loz: "It never is... and at least you've now made that important discovery." He sat up so he could lean over and ruffle his brothers hair, messing it up a little before sitting back. "It would have been a lot less fun." The words suggested that Loz spoke from experience but did nothing to go into detail. "At least you've realized the mistake."

Brow rising, Loz wondered briefly what sort of bombshell his brother was going to drop on him, it must have been important if the other thought it was murder worthy and the 'I tried to convince Vince...' combined with the bright red blush was very telling and Loz bit back a question, deciding he really didn't need to know. "If it's not important, why are you close to falling on the floor from that slump and blushing crimson?" Reaching over he pinched Kadaj's cheek gently before grinning a little.

"How stupid? Hmmm..." He spread his hands yay wide before sliding them apart a little more. "'Bout this much? You told me I had grey hair and oh yeah, that Vincent is a good kisser." It was about time he teased him. "A really good kisser." He'd been thinking about that piece of news since Kadaj had confessed and whilst it was a little odd, the two weren't blood brothers, even if Loz thought of them both similar and well, it wasn't his business and he wasn't about to stop their fun. He just really hoped he never wandered in on anything. Ever.

Living away from home really did just get tons better.

Kadaj: He wrinkled his nose when Loz ruffled his hair, snorting softly and trying to fix it again so it laid mostly flat. At least this was going better than he thought, even if it was embarrassing as hell. “Yeah, it was a mistake. Don’t intend to do it again. The stuff tasted nasty anyway, I don’t even know how I managed to drink enough to get drunk. I might have mixed it with something, I don’t know.” Of course, looking over the journal entries didn’t job his memory, either, so whatever happened in between the alcohol and waking up was completely gone from his mind.

“I don‘t want to say.” The flush wasn‘t leaving him though, and he cast a little glare over at Loz when his cheek was pinched. Then, “I told you what?“ He slapped his hands to his face again and groaned. He could remember reading that in the journal, but he’d hoped Loz wouldn’t say anything about it. What a false hope that had been. A really good kisser? “Fuck....” He couldn’t look over at Loz, not now, not after having that little piece of information brought up again. He’d not even meant to mention it anyway and now.... “That was, yeah. Not supposed to get out.”

Loz: "After a while you don't notice the taste." He shrugged a little and couldn't help but smile a little as the other tried to fix his hair. "I dread to think what you might have mixed it with." Loz didn't know how much of a hangover the other had suffered, if any at all, but it was obvious that the mortification after doing the drinking would probably be enough to keep Kadaj off the booze from then on.

"I can probably guess." If Kadaj was anything like him then whilst drunk... and no, that was so not a place his mind wanted to wander into and he slapped a hand over his eyes as if he could stop the mental process in that manner. "You also said that on your little get away there was, and I quote 'Making out and shit.' I'm glad that you feel you can talk to me about these things but really, I don't need the details."

Loz wished he had a colour chart to compare the colour of his brothers cheeks to. It really was a nice colour and he had to bite back a snicker. Deciding to really push him he waited for a moment, taking a bite of his chocolate bar and chewing. "You also told me you had condoms and that you wasn't sure why... what else, oh yes, you declared to the world... or at least anyone reading your journal that you were indeed a virgin."

Kadaj: “I suppose so. I think it might have been soda, but I can’t remember.” He’d indeed woken with a headache, but it wasn’t as bad as he’d been expecting, just a mild one, and it had gone away after a few hours, so there wasn’t any real damage done. Of course, Loz had to go and spoil everything by quoting back at him what he’d written, and not just some of the silly bits, but some of the private bits he’d never even intended to speak of, let alone publicly, and oh my god... he didn’t! Raising both his arms, he nearly wrapped them around his head and bent over to hide as much of himself as he could. “Stop it!”

No, no, no! Loz wasn’t stopping though, oh no he wasn’t. He was talking about the condoms, and about being a virgin, and who knew what else he might come out with next. “Stop it! I’m going to delete all those!” Words coming out muffled, he took several deeps breaths. He felt like his face was burning, and he could even feel a few tears springing up at the corners of his eyes. How could he show his face around the house now? Did Yazoo know, too? Probably, and he doubted it would take long for Vincent to find out, either, and then he’d never hear the end of it from any of them. “Least you can do is be happy I’ve not had sex, right?” He chanced a quick peak through a gap by his elbow over at Loz, then went back to hiding his face again.

Loz: Loz chuckled as Kadaj's discomfort grew. Oh yes, this was a lot more fun than giving him a monotonous lecture and the more he said the more embarrassed his brother became and Loz had to hold back a cackle. "If you don't want it said back, you shouldn't get drunk and babble about it." He prodded Kadaj in the arm lightly, jabbing him a few times before letting out another laugh. Oh he hadn't been that amused for a while.

"Delete them all? Oh no, you should cherish them, keep them as a reminder of why not to get drunk," and as hard as he tried to sound serious he couldn't help but let out a quiet snicker at the end before he bit his lip hard but his lips quirked a little and the corner of his eyes wrinkled as he tried to hold back another laugh. "For that I'm very happy... But at least you have the condoms for it." And he couldn't believe he said that rather than 'No you can't have sex until you're thirty' but teasing was more fun.

"You know, you also called me a bitch a few times and tried to speak... I'm not sure actually, but it certainly wasn't a normal language." He decided not to poke fun anymore, Kadaj looked scolded enough.

Kadaj: “I didn’t mean to get drunk and babble about it!” Really, he hadn’t, not that it mattered much now anyway. Loz had made a pretty good point that he knew exactly what had happened, and having it all repeated back at him didn’t help at all. At the jabbing to his arm, he slapped feebly at Loz’s hand to make him stop, and slowly sat up again. “Still want to delete them.” He doubted he would, though, the damage was already done and he couldn’t take it back.

“Yeah, at least I still have them. Don’t plan on needing them any time soon, though.” The blush was slowly fading from his cheeks, the embarrassment subsiding, though he knew Loz would continue to have ammo from now on. He’d just have to live with it, and eventually become immune to it anyway. “I saw that. Don’t even know why I did. Don’t know why I said any of those things, actually.” Running his hands through his hair several times, he leaned back in the chair and picked up his drink again, taking a long sip. It was turning foul, being all watered down, but he didn’t have the energy to get up and get a new one. “Least I’m no grounded. Vince was worried I could miss his soccer games and stuff.”

Loz: "Maybe, but when you're drunk you're not as in control of yourself. Seriously, anything could have happened." He sat back when Kadaj slapped at his hand and rested his arms on the chairs arms and sat back, slightly slumped. "If you want to delete them, then delete them. It's up to you." Loz doubted he would bring this up again unless his brother needed to be brought down a peg or two, but he knew how appalling it was to have ones past mistakes be a constant reminder.

"Good, and please don't use porno as a reference." Loz didn't think he was the best to discuss such things with considering the fact that he was in the same boat as Kadaj... and that was pretty sad considering their age difference but it was better than being easy. "You said those things because you was drunk." He resisted to add the "Duh" after it as it was probably obvious in his tone.

"You have me to thank for that." At least his parents couldn't ground him anymore, not that they could seeing as he was of age. "Think Vincent would mind if I tagged along for a game sometime?"

Kadaj: “I know, I know.” He sulked a little in his chair, arms folded over his chest, and looked out across the yard at the pool. “And I know porn isn’t realistic, either, sheesh.” Not that he was going to elaborate on that, oh no. What was on his computer hard drive was for his information only, and he had no intention of letting anyone else find out. Settling down, it seemed as if the conversation was finally drifting away from trying to turn him into a beet- or at least something resembling one in colour- and he could relax. Hopefully Loz wouldn’t just keep bring it up again and again, either.

“Thanks Loz, I appreciate it. Mom probably would have yelled and dad wouldn’t speak to me for a week. It wouldn’t be so bad being locked in my room, but I don’t know if they’d stop me being able to spend time with Vince.” He finally finished off his drink, grimacing a little at the way the taste was all watered down and icky, then twirled the glass in his hands a little. “I bet he’d like it if you came along. We got our class schedules, but it’s about a month before school starts. I need to get all my supplies and let the boss at work know I’ll be leaving. Without Yazoo there I don’t really want to stay.”

Loz: "Well... Good." Loz wasn't going to ask further, there were things about his brothers that he really didn't need to know about, especially when it came to sex and he relaxed a little more, slumping a little more down into his seat and stretching out. He still had a few aches in his back from the bath tub adventure.

"It wouldn't have been that bad. Mother would just give you the silent treatment for a few days." He snorted a little before lifting his arm to whap the other upside the head. "They wouldn't have stopped you seeing Vincent, they're not monsters." He made a soft "Pft" sound and rolled his eyes before allowing his arm to drop once more. "I guess you'll all be busy when classes start, we'll have to meet up every so often so I don't forget what you all look like." He was only partly teasing but he wasn't going to admit it. "I'm sure you'll all do well, I know you're hard workers." Despite the teasing he did have his concerns.

Kadaj: Wrinkling his nose, he tried to duck the thwap to his head, but still managed to get thumped, and he scowled over at Loz as he lifted a hand to rub at the spot he’d been whacked on. “Probably not, but you know, when you’re grounded, you’re not supposed to get to have any fun. It wouldn’t be so bad taking away the tv or the computer, but it’d suck if I couldn’t see my best friend.” Lifting his arms up, he stretched, arching his back, and flexed his shoulders a little to try to get the muscles to relax more. He’d been feeling tense all day, but he’d probably be fine in the morning, at least.

“We’ll be busy, classes will be from about eight-twenty until three-thirty, and then Vince will probably have soccer practice a couple times a week. I’ll stay after school with him then so I can give him a ride home. You know we have to pay a parking fee to be able to drive to school? So stupid, but no way am I taking the bus.” Going quiet, he sat is silent contemplation for a long moment, watching the ripples in the pool from a distance. Then, finally, “Loz, do you think mom and dad will make Vince sleep in your room when they find out we’re dating?”

Loz: "You live in the same house, unless mom and dad lock you in your room for a week without letting you out, I think you'd still be able to see Vincent." He snorted a little but resisted the urge to thwap Kadaj over the head again. Watching Kadaj stretch made Loz's own aches throb a little and he lifted a hand to rub at his neck before sitting straight. Slumping probably wasn't doing his back any good.

"A parking fee? What a rip off." It seemed rather extortionate the made students pay a parking fee on top of what they were paying for the classes but what did he know. Then again, if he was in that position, he'd suck it up and pay the fee also. Riding a bus with a bunch of morons wasn't exactly any fun. "I'm not sure... I don't know what they'll think, they've accepted Vincent as their son, it might be a little... complicated."

They weren't blood, no, but Vincent had been brought up as their son and he wasn't really sure what to say that might be comforting, but he didn't want to say that everything would be fine. "They wouldn't chuck him out though... Might just... make you keep your doors open so that there's no chance of..." He paused, looking for words that weren't lewd. "Hanky panky." That was what his father had said once.

Kadaj: “Yeah, I guess so. He’d probably just sneak into my room through the window anyway, I bet. I’m not sure it’s possible to keep him away from me.” It was actually a pretty comforting thought that he’d always still have Vincent as a friend, still be able to spend time with him, and that he didn’t really have to worry about being grounded away from him. Besides, he was almost eighteen, and once he was, he couldn’t be grounded any more, could he?

“I don’t think it’s much. Maybe I can get Vince to pay half of it since I’ll be taking him to and from school. I’ll ask him about it later.” Standing up, he had another stretch, exaggerating it a bit, and then went about stretching the various muscles in his arms, legs, and back. Sleep hadn’t been all that great, and he must had slept in a weird position because he had little aches and pains all over. Probably from when he fell asleep on the stairs trying to make his way to his room. “”I know they’ll think it’s odd. I guess I worry a little they might have a fit. I mean, I don’t think they’d care it was a guy but you’re right, they think of him as a son. I don’t really want to say anything to them about it just in case they get upset.”

He had to stop then and turn around to look at Loz, grinning a little before letting out a loud laugh. “’Hanky panky?’ What are you, four?” Stepping over to Loz, he ruffled the elder’s hair with both hands, making it stand every which way. “No, we’re just go out on a date for that or something I bet. Ohhh, I need to ask dad if I can put a lock on my door.” Giving Loz a sly look, he grinned again and then bounced away before his brother could get him back.

Loz: Loz nodded a little but didn't quite know what to say to that so he just kept quiet. He was willing to accept it to see them both happy but it still seemed a little odd, but given the face he was learning new things about each brother as time went on, he couldn't be that concerned or surprised over things.

"That might help, and you know mom and dad will if you need the help." He somehow knew that Kadaj would want to pay for that himself at least and scratching idly at his stomach he cast a glance towards where he'd left his chocolate and was sad to note that it was almost completely melted. "Then maybe not mention it? Don't hide it, I'm not suggesting that but maybe tell them when the relationship isn't so new?"

"Hey!" He let out a little growl at the hair ruffling and lightly slapped at Kadaj's hands before moving them to his hair where he tried to flatten out the little spikes and curls. "I'm going to have to re-gel it now." Eyes narrowing a little he stood up and moved slowly after him. "I'm going to get you for that." He didn't dare comment on the lock idea.

Kadaj: “Well, I’m not really gonna hide it. They’ll find out eventually, I mean, we were sitting out here-” He stopped that train of thought where it was, figuring Loz wouldn’t want the details. Besides, it’s not like he had to explain himself anyway, he was seventeen and old enough to decide what he wanted.

And now Loz looked like he was coming after him, and Kadaj grinned again before moving across the patio to the little gate and slipping through. “Gotta catch me first!” With that, he turned and started to run across the backyard toward the pool. Maybe if he got over there, he could keep the water between them, and then it was just a matter of seeing who got worn out first. Of course, there was also the danger of getting chucked in the pool, but he was an excellent simmer, and it would just be a pain getting his boots and clothes dry after.

Loz: "Yes, I can imagine... no, wait, I can't." He closed his eyes tightly for a moment and took a deep breath. He didn't care if his brothers were doing that but he didn't need to know details. Ever.

"Is that a dare?" Loz yelled just before giving chase. He hadn't been on the track team at school for no reason and he made quick work. Jumping the little gate didn't do a thing to stop his stride and he continued to give chase. Thankful that he was wearing boots for once, he made sure not to go to close to the edge of the pool. Slipping and crashing down would be rather embarrassing and he let out a little growl as he thought of the best way to catch his brother.

Kadaj: Seeing Loz coming after him in earnest, Kadaj belted across the yard toward the pool. Loz was already gaining on him as he went toward his left to try to get around the side, making sure to stay on the grass just to the side of the tiles so he wouldn’t slip. Of course, he’d probably still get yelled at for running by the pool, but that was better than whatever Loz intended to do to him. More likely than not, tickle him until he wet himself, considering his oldest brother knew exactly what his most ticklish spots were.

Pausing for just a moment to look back at Loz, he chanced a quick “Neener!” before taking off again.

Loz: "I'll give you neener!" He yelled, chasing after and using the rim near the pool to gain on his brother. Pouncing wasn't a great idea as he didn't want to hurt his brother but if he could corner Kadaj he could grab him and... either chuck him in the pool or tickle him mercilessly.

Taking the right, Loz dodged several obstacles in an attempt to head Kadaj off and speeding up in an attempt he let out a yell. Feet slipping a little under him, Loz changed the tred of his steps, making sure to get as much grip as possible and he grinned, Kadaj was in sight.

Kadaj: Stopping, feet nearly skidding out from under him, he saw Loz coming from the other side and turned on his heel, making for the opposite direction again, nearly tripping over his own two feet and losing a few seconds headstart. Loz was going to catch him, of that he was sure. Heart racing a little and breath panting slightly, he ran to try to keep the pool in between them. At least Loz couldn’t jump across to him, but he seemed to be losing in his goal to keep something between them so he could escape.

Loz: Loz chased after, feet thudding as he ran and he was certain he was going to catch Kadaj and adrenalin pumping he couldn't help but be amused that he was acting like a child. "I'm going to get you!" He called out, changing direction once more and he managed to counter act Kadaj's change of direction easily. He didn't count for the pool being so close when he did finally catch up and grabbing his brother around the waist with one arm seemed like a good idea until he slipped and saw the both of them hurtling towards the pool.

Kadaj: “Crap!” Too late, much too late to get away, he still tried to break out of Loz’s hold when the elder got an arm around him, but he was already falling toward the water, so all he could do was try to land easily and not hurt himself hitting the water. Splashing down, he took a quick breath and closed his eyes, wiggling out of Loz’s hold and using his hands to help him move through the water a short distance before he surfaced again, completely bogged down by his wet clothes and boots. Shaking his head hard to gets the hair out of his eyes, he tried to bend over to pull off his boots and merely succeeded in dunking himself again, and he came up once more, sputtering and coughing, nose burning from the chlorinated water which managed to get inside. “Ow, owow!” He rubbed at his nose and snorted, trying to get the water out, then made another, much more careful, attempt at pulling off his boots.

Loz: As much as Loz used to love diving when he swam on the team at school there was a big difference between jumping off a board and flying into the water with someone in your arms and he went down, grip loosening as he shifted to take the harder fall into the water and he spluttered as he surfaced, coughing and sneezing and making a face as the water stung his nose. "Fuck." Standing up he shook his head, sending water droplets flying everywhere as he pushed his wet hair back across his forehead. Loz knew if he didn't shower after this his hair would become a nightmare. The curls.

Clothes clinging to his body, Loz was starting to regret wearing jeans as the amount of water clogging them made moving through the pool quite hard. "At least I didn't tickle you," he managed to get out finally.

Kadaj: Pulling off one boot and then the other, Kadaj flung them out of the pool and onto the grass, each one sending out a wide arc of water as it turned end over end. They landed somewhere and then rolled, but he’d find them later. He didn’t give much notice to Loz’s statement about tickling, and he wasn’t sure currently which would have been worse. Without a second thought he pulled his shirt of over his head and chucked that, too, though it didn’t fly nearly as far as the footwear had.

Turning back around toward Loz, and just looked at him, half grinning, before his gaze drifted over to something on his arm, showing through the wet shirt he wore. He pointed at it, then after a moment, moved closer for a better look before Loz could hide it. “What’s that?”

Loz: Pulling himself up out of the pool once he'd trudged over to the side, Loz pulled off his boots and socks and set them down besides him. He wasn't in any hurry, his hair wouldn't dry anytime soon and it wasn't like Kadaj hadn't seen his hair at its worst anyway. Wiping his face a little he let his feet dangle in the pool. It'd been refreshing at least.

"What's what?" Looking towards where the other had pointed, his face went a little white as he realized his shirt had become transparent and swallowing a little he shrugged it off. "Temporary tattoo. Got them free with one of my magazines." He kept his gaze from Kadaj's and inwardly cursed himself.

Kadaj: With a little snort, Kadaj bounced forward, as quickly as he could in the water, and took hold of the arm, pushing the sleeve up and rubbing his fingers over the black markings. “Temporary, right?” He hmmed as he looked it over, then grinned up at Loz. “I’m sure my twenty-one year old brother wears temporary tattoos from magazines. So manly, that is.” Letting go of the arm, he leaned against the side of the pool. He hadn’t pulled off his socks, and now he could feel the creeping slowly off his feet, and finding them if they went drifting in the pool would be a pain, so after a little wiggling, he managed to get them both off and lay them out on the tiling next to the water’s edge.

Loz: "I read comic books and make sure to get home from work for my favourite cartoons and a temporary tattoo surprises you?" He snorted a little but let himself breath calmly again. Kadaj either fell for it or wasn't saying anything about it and that was an incredible relief.

Laying back against the wet area beneath him, Loz tucked his arms behind his head and glanced up at the sky, feet still dangling in the water and splashing a little. "When do you want the party thing? We should probably have it before you all have classes to go to."

Kadaj: “Ok, well, point taken, but....” He gave Loz a look, and then hauled himself up out of the water to sit at the edge as well, feet still dangling in the water. “Oh, you mean the pool party. I guess we can do next week, there’s plenty of people we can invite. But no booze, had enough of that.” He stretched, bending forward slightly with his arms extended in front of him. He could really do with a hot bath. “We’d need to get some supplies and things, drinks and snacks and all that good stuff.”

Loz: Loz blatantly ignored the look, gaze intently focused on the clouds above them. He wasn't going to start a discussion himself and unless Kadaj came out and asked he wasn't going to say a thing. "Yes, the pool party. What did you think I meant?" Loz was sure his brothers had lots of people to invite but he didn't and he doubted his colleagues wanted to be surrounded by a bunch of teenagers and he sat up a little. "I can do a barbeque also."

Kadaj: “Well, I wanted to make sure I knew what you were talking about. A barbeque sounds good. Don’t know what else we could get. I always wanted to try chocobo burgers, but haven’t had a chance to yet. I bet we could get a good variety of stuff from the butcher, and chips and cookies, and all that good stuff. And have a marshmallow roast!” His stomach growled as he thought about what else they could have, and he rubbed a hand over his belly. “Actually, I’m hungry now. We should go get dinner. Want to stay over for a bit? We could get something to eat and watch a movie.”

Loz: "You and your chocobo burgers." He shook his head and laughed a little but the barbeque and miscellaneous snacks did sound like a very nice idea and his stomach echoed Kadaj's and growled loudly. "Same here, and if you're making or buying, then I'm staying." He was glad he always kept some things in his old room, especially a change of clothing as he was sure he'd need them. "A movie sounds good." Standing up he grabbed his boots and soaking wet socks and wrinkled his nose. "Gross."
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