vfor_vindicated (vfor_vindicated) wrote in afterlife_rpg,

Vincent and Yuffie: Soccer and Secrets?

Log Type: Open
Who: Vincent and Yuffie
Where: Incline between the upper and lower plates
When: Early evening.
Summary: Vincent runs into the random commenter, they toss words back and forth and a chance meeting may reveal some information.

The park was delightfully warm as always, and the blissful weather was accented by the laughing smiling children and their ever attentive parents. A scene of happy shiny people doing what happy shiny people do best, and in the midst of it all there was a brunette with a scowl and sweat making a trail down his brow and obstructing his vision. He blinked it away and brushed a rough hand through his hair, forcing it into a ponytail before attacking the soccer ball in front of him almost viciously. He was angry, irate even, confused and a bit hurt by events that had happened earlier. How dare she say such things, who was she to make judgements on him! More so, why the hell was he so upset over the opinion of one bloody person who he didn't even know!? HoneyBee Inn. Hm. If he was still angry when he was done kicking around his soccer ball he might just have to stop over and give her a piece of his mind. Except he rarely had enough energy after practice to do anything outside of take a shower and sleep, and even if he did it wasn't wholly in his character. Stupid girl. No wonder he didn't like them.

Giving a hard kick to the checkered ball at his feet, Vincent ran after it and found that in leiu of his temper he had lost control of his beloved soccer ball. Cursing under his breath, the young brunette raced after it and found it heading for an incline, a rather steep one at that, and even though he was able to keep a relatively close pace on it he found it wasn't enough to get close enough to stop its rampant rolling. Another curse and he dug in his cleats to run a bit faster, finding his beloved ball heading straight for the lower plate and moving at an ever increasing speed down the hill. Things just kept getting better and better.
Tags: vincent, yuffie
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