Red XIII (therianthropy13) wrote in afterlife_rpg,


Scene Type: Open
Characters: Nanaki and... Kadaj
Location: the slums
Summary: ...When I have something to put here, I'll edit it in~

There was a woefully small stub of dark green oil pastel inbetween his fingers. Soon it would be hardly worth using, especially not with the annoyance of knuckles wiping against the paper every time he tried to do anything, like get the color of his tree just right. With still three fourths of a tree to go and no more green Nanaki gave the piece of paper the evil eye and crumpled it up, easily crushing some sort odd dirty, mechanical woodlands. Go figure, first time he gets inspiration in a while and it turns out that he's lacking the mateirals.

Joy like a babbling brook of fucking joy.

The small tin of oil pastels was given an accusatory look before being snapped shut, tossed into his bag and obscured from view with a collection of odds and ends. Even a can of spray paint too, if he felt inclined. Oh, and the picture? Dropped to the ground like the piece of crap it was, littering wasn't a concern of his. Everything down here was dirty, so what was a little more garbage?

Nanaki stretched, rolling his shoulders and walked off. Maybe he'd go grab something to eat, his stomach was complaining.
Tags: kadaj, nanaki
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