Yuffie (shallow_butcute) wrote in afterlife_rpg,


Scene Type: Open
Characters: Yuffie and Zax
Location: the slums
Summary:Zax bumps into Yuffie- literally- and she's rather bored, so they talk. <3

Yuffie was absolutely bored out of her mind. Her hours had been short that day at work, but everyone else she knew had no such luck. And so the girl was relegated to boredom. But she was in the mood to get out and do something- as she often was- and decided that walking around was better than nothing. Who knew, maybe she'd come across an old friend or meet someone new and interesting. 

The girl was making her way slowly and idly down a sidewalk when she realized that everyone she was coming across so far... was utterly boring. Keeping an eye out for anyone doing anything odd or interesting that she would watch (or possibly pester a bit), Yuffie sighed in boredom and carefully scanned the faces of each person walking past her. 

What she wouldn't give right now for something to do.
Tags: yuffie, zax
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